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What Time Is And How To Manage It. We can’t get this time back.

We can’t get this time back. What Time Is And How To Manage It. 

What is time and why does it affect us so much? Time is a surface illusion meant to help us manage and understand the world around us. Time helps us to deconstruct situations into blocks, levels, and compartments that our human minds can understand. 

While all of Earth’s creatures go by a biological clock or rhythm, we are the only ones who use this as a measure of success, worthiness, maturity, and pressure. 

The concept of time is surely a thing as we can see the years pass, the seasons change, and the sun rise and fall. Yet the problem is we look at time as something we have to race and as something that puts pressure on us. 

In reality, time (like healing) is a spiral, but we look at it as linear. Actually, many of us look at life as linear, though we do so much of our living in the past. Why is this and what does this do to us?

Emotions connect us to a certain time and space. When you feel and revisit your past often, you emotionally connect with that time and space, calling it back to you. 

Signs you might be emotionally living in the past:

  1. You keep having the same types of relationships with different people.

  2. You ask “why does this always happen to me?” when it comes to a specific pattern in your life.

  3. Old memories come back randomly as you go about your day and have the ability to shift your mood. 

  4. Anger comes up when you think of a past situation and you blame that situation for how life looks today. 

You’re not wrong or bad for living emotionally in the past, it just means you’re human and you’ve got healing to do. But, like I said before, we look at time and healing as linear, but it’s not.

Everything in this life is a spiral cycle that keeps going. 

  1. Seasons are a cycle

  2. Death, birth, and rebirth are cycles.

  3. Relationships are cycles in which we grow, heal, unravel, grow, and heal some more.

  4. Everything is a cycle, including our healing.

As we look at our patterns then choose to do the work to heal them, we level up. We can then allow in new people and situations, which come with new sets of lessons! From here, we learn and grow and evolve. 

Oftentimes, old patterns reveal themselves in new circumstances long after we have done the healing work around them! Why? Because time is a spiral and healing is a spiral. This is coming back around to show you how far you have come! These problems and triggers arise to show you how much better you handled it this time around. It’s a chance for you to observe, not judge. 

If 2020  has taught us anything, I think it’s that time is an illusion and we truly have to take control of our mindset if we want to have any kind of say in our physical reality. 

This year, we lost a lot. 

  1. We lost people we love.

  2. Jobs were lost. 

  3. Homes were lost. 

  4. Education fell by the wayside for many.

  5. The freedom to travel was lost.

  6. Time spent with friends and family was lost.

  7. Mental health was affected for so many… 

Within a few days, we went from rush hour traffic and searching for family time to a complete standstill. As the country shut down, we were forced to slow down, forced to stay home, and forced to spend time with our family… time we once yearned for. 

We went from craving more time with our families to hiding in the closet just to get away from our families! You might be laughing, but it’s true, friend! A year ago, there was never enough “time.” Now all some of us crave is a sense of normalcy. 

So many of my clients, readers, and even friends have said:

 “I don’t think I’ve done enough with this time we’ve been given. I feel like I should have been doing more… like I should be doing more. Yet I feel like I have no time for myself or work or anything… I spend all of my time at home, yet I don’t have any time for myself.”

Do you see the theme here? Time. We’ve been a part of an amazing opportunity this past year when it comes to time… don’t you see?

  1. The opportunity to slow down and re-center. 

  2. Our universe reshuffled EVERYTHING and said try a new hand. 

  3. Lost jobs – while horrible – can be an opportunity to reflect on what you didn’t love and what you do. 

  4. This was a time to put the bullsh*t aside and look at what mattered most. 

  5. It was the opportunity to look in the mirror at what needed to change within you to call in the life you desire and deserve. 

  6. An opportunity was given to shed old layers and embark on a deep journey within yourself.

  7. The opportunity was to see yourself and life through a new lens.

The opportunity was to slow down a bit and be honest with yourself about the WAY you’ve been spending your “time” on Earth. Universally, it’s never been about anything other than you, your values, your self-worth, your desires, your fellow humans, and your perception – but you’ve got to want to see that or you won’t.

It was never about too little or too much time. Doing too much or not doing enough. The year’s lesson was all about becoming who you were born to be. It was for getting clear on your desires and what your heart, mind, and body need from you. 

What I am saying is that this year was about adaptability and self-appreciation. We were given the “time” to dig into that! 

2020 was the year to let go, dive deep within yourself, and let all of those painful connections to the past and what you think you need go for once and for all. 

This year also taught us unity in so many different ways! We as a human race are ascending no matter what appearances may be, so the Universe gave us this opportunity to essentially stop running the rat race and look at what is truly meaningful to us. Once you get clear on this and you ask for guidance, the steps will be given. 

2021 isn’t about time. It’s about elevation as a society, as a world, and as spirits. 

It’s a time to embrace all that you learned in 2020 and to let go of the need to control your external environment. Realize that as you take internal control internally, your outside world will become a match!

The year isn’t over, you still have time. What are you going to do with it? 

I’ll help you see the opportunities in the madness if you can’t. I’ll help you shift your mindset and take internal control so that the outside matches the inside. Your spirit team will guide you to the right place and give you the tools to thrive throughout our coaching sessions together and the work that you do on your own. 

Start 2021 knowing that you’re in the driver’s seat of your life and no one and nothing can take that from you! 

Happy New Year, babes. I’m excited to see your shifts! (You can do it! Now is the time you’re being called!)

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