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What It Mean To Be Intuitive?

What Does It Mean To Be Intuitive

What does it mean to be intuitive? We’ve all had unexplainable synchronicities at some point in our lives but we usually just brush them off as coincidence. When you slow down and really think about it, you might notice that you’ve had more than only a handful of these experiences throughout your life.

Being intuitive means that you’re in connection with something beautiful outside of yourself. When you’re intuitive, you are tuned into life a bit more than you’re average Joe. This does not mean that Joe is not intuitive, but some of us are more naturally aligned. When we often have synchronicity, vivid dreams, and we just know things these are signs that we are vibrating at a level that allows us to be guided by something greater than ourselves.

Here are a few signs you might be intuitive

  1. You think about someone and then run into them

  2. Vivid dreams often happen for you

  3. When someone is speaking, you can see their story playing out in your head

  4. You hear thumbs, words, pops or music that no one else seems to hear

  5. Often you are lead almost magically to people, places, or situations that seem to be just for you!

  6. You get signs from spirit often

  7. You dream about, see, or hear passed loved ones

  8. You just know things!

  9. You can feel other peoples emotions

  10. You’re a great judge of character

Learn about the four main type of intuitive abilities here

If you experience some of these things and want to know how to develop your intuition further, then I invite you to check out the Intuitive Progression And Development Course!

The Intuitive Development And Progression Course is perfect for all of those with unmanaged empathic gifts, a lifetime of “coincidences”, and those that are ready to safely start working with their own intuitive gifts. This course explains in-depth the four main intuitive abilities and how to safely work with and manage each of them.

Working with your intuition from a place of loving intentions allows you to access the unconditional love that is ready and waiting for you. It also allows you to see how beautiful and synchronistic life can truly be.

When you start to uncover the beauty of all that is you start to heal on a level you never thought possible.

This isn’t just for those with “psychic gifts” it’s for everyone yearning for that deeper understanding of this trip around the sun!

Learn More Here or Get Started Today!

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