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Why I Keep Going. What is Your “Why?”

Why I Keep Going. What is Your “Why?”

I want to explain myself to you. I want to tell you the real reason why I do what I do. Why I write, why I channel, why I put myself out there like a “crazy” person, and why I continually am educating myself.

I do it because this “work” that I do changed my life. Spirit changed my life, mindset-work changed my life, healing my stories changed my life. But ultimately it comes down to opportunity. Confused? Read until the end you will be surprised I promise.

All of this made me a happier person, a healthier person, and a more relaxed person. In reframing how I looked at the world, I started to see things differently, for example, opportunity and how some seem to have all the possibilities and some seem to have none. So here is the story of how I found my “why” or what keeps me going.

It took me a while to figure out my core why. I THOUGHT it was a few things.

  1. I thought it was to help people.

  2. I thought it was my family/my kids that kept me going.

  3. I thought it was because I had a gift that I needed to share.

  4. I felt that I could help people change their lives the way I changed mine, and I thought that was my whole purpose here on Earth.

To be honest, I think these are pretty good and sincere “whys,” but they aren’t my CORE “why.” It took me years to figure that out, but I did so with an exercise I learned from Dean Graziosi, one that I now share with my clients to help them have massive transformational breakthroughs just like I did.

We all have surface “whys” for the things that we do, such as family, community, etc.

However, when we dig deep within ourselves, we will see that there is one specific (and usually hidden) “why” that drives us. Those other things are the results of the why that is buried.

As it turns out, the “why” that was buried within me was opportunity or lack thereof.

I wanted women and young kids, in particular, to know that they could create their destinies. I wanted kids to know they were and are not the families they come from or the cards they were dealt.

Opportunity is my “why.”

I want every single person to know that they do have access to the same opportunities as everyone else, even if it does not appear that way. I want kids to know from a young age that mindset is everything – EVERYTHING, and what better way to help them than to teach it to the parents?

Opportunity is my WHY because I didn’t think that I had many.

It took digging and a lot of crying and breakthroughs to find my why. I wasn’t doing it for my family or just to help people. I was doing it because I never felt that I had the opportunities many of my friends did when it came to school, money, and even happiness. So my why covers helping people, my family, and changing the world.

But really, it all stems from letting people know that they have the opportunity to change their life, how people respond to them, and the opportunities that get to come to them.

You may be thinking: “Ashley, what does this have to do with developing your intuition?”


To tap into your intuition, you have to chose to move into a higher vibration. To get into that higher vibration, there is a lot of shit you’ve got to look at – starting with you and how you respond to things.

  1. You’ve got to look at your stories.

  2. You’ve got to look at your past.

  3. You’ve got to change the way you think the future can look for you.

  4. You’ve got to believe in opportunities and possibility and happiness. It’s out there, I promise.

To truly connect with your spirit guides, your higher self, or find lasting happiness and joy, you’ve got to elevate.

This is why I provide articles and videos weekly to help you. Sure, it’s to tap into your intuition and change your mindset, but when I dig deep, it’s because I want YOU to know YOU have the opportunity to make your life look however you want!

  1. It’s because I want you to teach this to your kids!

  2. I want them to see you bettering yourself.

  3. I want you to see you setting them up for far more success than you thought was ever available to you or them.

It’s not about money – it’s about belief.

The belief that you are guided. The belief you are supported. The belief in yourself and in your life. It gets to be great.

So I write, I coach, I sell courses to teach you to tap into your intuition and change your mindset because I believe that your center of guidance is where possibility and opportunity flow from.

So if you don’t know your “why,” but you know it’s time to make a change and set yourself free, then I invite you to join me in one of the following while the sale is still on.

These courses and coaching will transform your life and your children’s lives, and the lives around you because you will change.

Your vibration will rise.

The way you look at things will be different, you will receive more intuitive guidance, spend time with your spirit team, and you will see more opportunities.

Any of these will do; just go towards what speaks to you. When you tap into your intuition, you tap into endless opportunities; I know that now.

Remember now through the end of the week all courses are 30-50% Off! Don’t miss out on your chance to change what is possible for you simply by tapping into who you are and have always been!

To get the most out of your investment I highly recommend you The Intuitive Development Course. The lessons I teach in this course not only help you develop your intuition and psychic gifts but it’s everything I believe helped me to change my life. I believe in this course with my whole heart. Mindset work, energy work, it’s all in here.

Mission Manifest is another one I completely believe will change the game for you whether this is all brand new to you or you’ve been at it for years. The lessons I teach in here range from mindset, lifestyle, and connecting with the universe to make things happen for you. The lessons in here are also what changed my outlook on life and how it and people responded to me.

And if you’re ready you can work with me privately! Here is what I can offer you.

The 3-month coaching package is great for everyone! It’s a chance to focus on your intuitive development, healing, or whatever you want to work on and get lots of divine guidance along the way!

​ ​

The 6-month package is best for those who want to tap into, understand, and expand their intuitive side and/or heal on deep levels! This is by far the most popular package and includes the famous Intuitive Development And Progression Course!

​ ​

The Year Package is for those who are ready to invest in themselves, transform their thinking, develop lasting, strong, and close relationships to THEMSELVES AND THEIR SPIRIT TEAM! It includes my two biggest courses and a course of YOUR CHOICE.

Either way, don’t you think it’s time to dig and find not only your “why” but the possibilities available to you?

Love you!


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