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What Is Your Next Step In Life? Be Realistic.

There is a cause and an effect to every word we say, choice we make, and action we take. Everything you’ve ever seen, heard or felt first started with a thought. Our thoughts are such powerful creators. This morning I read a guide about The Great Law. In the pamphlet, it states that our previous thoughts create our current reality..basically saying what you think today creates your tomorrow.

Think of it in this sense – you are what you eat. I think we all know that to be true, yes? If you eat donuts (whoops had one earlier), pizza, and junk for most of your meals it’s going to reflect in your overall health. Plus, if it hasn’t yet, trust me kids…one day it will catch up to ya! If you eat clean and whole foods and drink plenty of water, however, your body is going to reflect that. It’s the same with your words, thoughts, and actions.

Think of it like a mental diet! If you are what you eat then you are also what you think!

There is no possible way to live a fulfilled and happy life if you’re constantly living in fear or being pessimistic. Fear and logic, however, are the body’s survival response skills. Like my boy, Tony Robbins says, you can’t be positive all the time and sometimes negativity (or logic) is a necessity in surviving. What he means is you should be living a mostly positive life but you’re still human and sometimes just being positive isn’t going to cut it.

What you can do however is look for a solution and focus on that. Look at what a negative situation is teaching you and take that with you. Be logical but don’t dwell, don’t stay there. My husband and I make a good team because he is way too logical and I am sometimes, perhaps, unrealistically optimistic. Balance people, balance!

When I do get stuck in a low vibe he will be the first person to call me on it! “You need to be more positive” he will say. Then, generally after an eye-roll, I snap out of it because… he’s right.

“You can be on the right track but if you just sit there you’re going to get run over”

How many times have things been going so great that you just sit back and coast? Yes, of course, you’re supposed to go with the flow and allow things to happen for you. When you coast for too long though you get drug out to sea and you have to paddle your way back in.

It’s the same with the great law, law of attraction, universal law, however you want to put it. When you’ve manifested all that you want in that moment it’s so easy to lose sight of a goal. What then are you working towards? What are you striving for? You were clearly on the right track but that track doesn’t just end does it?

So what can you do when you have become stagnant with your manifesting? You can start over! No, you don’t have to feel guilty…there is no limit to what you can achieve and manifest. It’s not like you’re taking from those who have manifested less...they just need to jump on the train baby! Energy and abundance are unlimited…plus we don’t all want the same things, so there’s that.

“I manifested my house, this business, a great life, great people to work with, and then I started to coast. What else could I possibly need? I’m so grateful for where I am and who I’m with. It would be almost selfish of me to ask for any more!” That is a real conversation I had with myself.

Then I remembered that manifestation doesn’t just have to be for you. No, you can’t manifest for other people but you can manifest a way to help them help themselves! So I started my manifesting process all over. Why?

I want to reach more people, help more people, teach those who feel alone that there is so much support backing them. I want to teach people to love again, to heal themselves, to reach for the stars. I want to remind them that it’s ok to give love and it’s ok to receive love both from those in the physical and spirit. I’m ready to pass along beautiful messages, healing messages, messages that are going to ignite that spark in people that they lost long ago! How am I going to do it? I’m not sure.

Maybe I get to travel more, perhaps public speaking is in my future, maybe I get to go to festivals or participate in conferences (Gabby, girl! Give me a call). The important thing is that I leave the details up to spirit. The HOW is none of my business. The WHY is what I get to focus on because the feelings that come along with what we want to manifest is HOW we manifest.

Show up on purpose every day. Which means show up with purpose in everything you do for that is when it will all align for you.

If you’re ready to start connecting with your spirit team, ready to find your purpose, or you want to talk about your path, I am here for you! Let’s work together to find your happiness, to uncover the real you, isn’t it time?

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