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What Is The Spiritual Awakening Diet?

What Is The Spiritual Awakening Diet?

Are you going through an awakening and suddenly feel like all your appetite is changing? Ahhh, the good ol’ awakening diet! Maybe you’ve heard of it? The Awakening Diet is where you suddenly feel like you can survive on water alone. You might even have to remind yourself that you’re a human body who needs real food! Do you know what I’m talking about? If no, you might understand very soon, so keep on reading, my friend! 

The Spiritual Awakening Diet does not happen intentionally, usually. It just happens for us!

Awakening, or as I like to call it, “The Great Shakeup,” changes so much about us and how we look at life. I often say, “you’ve been shaken to awaken,” and it’s true! For most of us, awakening happens during or after a major life event! 

Awakening doesn’t always have to be caused by a traumatic event. Still, usually, the event is big enough to change how we look at life! 

Many people describe their awakening as a tumultuous time after hitting rock bottom or grieving the loss of something or someone. My awakening happened when I lost my grandfather, had a baby, and my intuitive gifts became undeniable, all within two months of each other. For me, the dark side of awakening didn’t last long because it actually propelled me to quickly do a massive amount of self-work that led me to an entirely new life very quickly! 

One thing I noticed while I was awakening was that the things my body craved were changing. I didn’t want to eat the same things I used to! 

  1. I started craving really juicy fruits! 

  2. There was not enough water in the world to quench my thirst! 

  3. Meat didn’t even sound appealing. 

  4. All I wanted was cold fruits and veggies. 

  5. Heavy solid foods were totally not my vibe. 

  6. Alcohol wasn’t as appealing either, and when I did drink it, I was so much more sensitive to it than in the past. 

This is what those of us who have experienced a noticeable spiritual awakening call The Awakening Diet. 

The spiritual awakening diet happens because as we rise in vibration, our body needs to be lighter. Our body needs more water to help flush out the energies and toxins we no longer need. The lighter foods and additional water help to upgrade and lift our vibration! 

As we awaken, we become much more SELF-AWARE AND IN TUNE WITH OUR BODIES! 

When you’re awakening, you might notice your body “speaking” to you more often, as in it will guide you towards what you need and away from what you don’t. You might feel called to walk more, be out in nature more, and just do whatever you can to feel lighter! 

The Awakening Diet is the body’s natural way of preparing for a heightened vibration! 

Don’t let awakening scare you or even the “symptoms” that come along with it! Awakening is a beautiful thing, but just like the butterfly, we have a whole transformation to grow through before our wings reveal themselves! 

On the other side of awakening, you will feel more, see more clearly, and be led towards your highest path if you follow the intuitive hits you’re given. 

After my first awakening, colors were more vivid, people seemed softer, and I was on cloud nine all of the time. It was complete and utter bliss for months! I started to come down and thought that something was wrong with me, the euphoria faded, and I evened out, you might say. 

Though my euphoric mood leveled out, the lessons learned and the uplifted vibration stuck! Since then, I have “cracked open” (spiritually speaking) 2 or 3 more times, and each time it was different than the one before. In fact, this article was prompted by me, realizing I am shifting through yet another awakening and awakening diet! 

I’ll help you navigate your awakening by being your friend, your mentor, and your coach. 

Through the Intuitive Development And Progression course, you will find all of the answers to the questions that have been on your heart, all things spirituality, awakening, and intuition related. See you there! 

Get the best Intuitive Development Course here! And if you’re looking just to test the waters take my mini-course, The Great Shakeup, to understand your awakening! 

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