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What is the difference between reincarnation, soul groups, and past lives? 

What is the difference between reincarnation, soul groups, and past lives? 

Last week in my Facebook group, I had someone ask a question about reincarnation. As I answered her question about reincarnation, I realized that I would also need to cover the areas of soul groups and current life impressions! The difference between reincarnation, soul groups, and past lives is a lot to take in, so I wrote a whole blog dedicated to it! 

I hope this post about reincarnation, past lives, and soul groups helps clear a few things up for you! In this post, we will cover the following:

  1. What is the difference between reincarnation, soul groups, and past lives? 

  2. What do we know about reincarnation, and how long does it take? 

  3. Is it possible to reincarnate within the same generation, or does it take thousands of years?

  4.  How do you recognize people from your soul groups and identify past lives?

If we believe in reincarnation, how is it possible for loved ones to come through to us? Does this mean they haven’t reincarnated or that they never will?

Let’s first talk about spirit! How can a spirit or a soul communicate with us in the first place, and can they only help one person ay a time? 

Well, here is the thing, it’s all energy. We are all energy!! 

When we are in spirit, we can be in many different places at once! For example, your grandmother could give you a message while also watching over a nephew.

Spirit is not limited to a physical space or body like we are! 

They can be anywhere and appear to us however, they choose! This is why spirit often comes through to mediums in their “prime” or how they felt they best looked and felt during their physical life!

I believe that reincarnation does generally take lifetimes and generations. Though nothing in the universe is certain, and everything happens in divine time! 

A member of my Facebook group said she understands reincarnation, much like the plot COCO, the Disney movie. She said that it’s been explained to her that as the last member of the family that remembered that spirit passes, then the soul is free to reincarnate. 

That said, a spirit can momentarily impress upon or come through an individual/animal/etc to deliver messages to their loved ones here on Earth. 

There are many instances where deceased loved ones will speak through a child. The child might say something like “when I was here you did this or remember when.” They may even call the adult a “pet” name the spirit used for them when living. 

The child may mention a certain spirit from time to time or have dreams of them. They may know things about the spirit they couldn’t possibly have known otherwise! Plus, don’t be surprised if you try to ask questions about this later and the child doesn’t remember. It’s almost as if the child’s spirit took a seat while the loved one in spirit stepped through for a moment.  

At 3 years old, my son told me he met my grandfather in between heaven and coming to me. He told me that my grandfather was the one who brought him to me! They share a birthday too! But now, at almost 7, when I ask him, he doesn’t even remember these types of conversations, and we have had multiple!

Now let’s talk a bit about past lives, reincarnation, and soul groups! 

We will often reincarnate with the same soul groups whom we have been with before. Often, we come back as another role; for example, in a past life, the mother may have been the child or vice versa.

We typically stick with the same soul groups to heal karma, grow as a soul, and learn different lessons! 

You may feel that you recognize certain friends but can’t place your finger on it. This is a clear sign they are a member of your soul group or soul family! When it comes to familial relationships, you may also feel like you are your parent’s parent, like you’re more mature than them or an older soul! These signs indicate the roles may have been reversed in a previous life! 

Romantic partnerships are just like familial ones when it comes to soul groups! In the past, your partner may have fulfilled the role you are playing this time around! 

I hope that your takeaway from all of this is that we are all always connected all of the time. We continue to grow and evolve both in spirit and as human beings. 

We are beings of light, our souls are all energy, and all energy is connected. 

Though we are individual bodies and personalities with our own lessons to learn, we are all part of the whole. We are all a part of the whole divine experience just helping each other through lessons, healings, teachings, and spirit. 

You are all that has ever been and all that will ever be! 

To discuss with me more about soul groups, reincarnation, or anything else spiritual understanding, book a session with me here! 

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