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What Is The Difference Between Being A Psychic Channel And Channeling Spirit?

What does it mean to channel? Are you a channel, can you channel, is there a channel? What is the difference between the three? So many ideas surround the word channel, it’s no wonder people get confused!

What does the word channel mean?

Well, by definition it is a stream of water that connects two other bodies of water. In TV and radio, it is a band of frequencies. For the spiritual practitioner? Basically the same thing! Divine consciousness linking to someone and transmitting information to the physical realm i.e. Earth.

What it means to channel

When someone says they are channeling they are simply connecting to spirit and divine consciousness! This may be in the form of receiving and then delivering spirit messages. It could also mean seeing visuals through clairvoyance. Another way could be by receiving and transferring healing energy from the divine.

  1. When I am delivering a message from a deceased loved one, I am channeling that information.

  2. When a Reiki practitioner is healing your body they are channeling divine energy through their body to yours.

  3. When you do automatic writing, you are channeling the spirit you are connecting with to receive their messages!

Channeling is just another term used for receiving and transmitting!

Are you clairaudient? When channeling first shows up for clairaudient people it often shows up as spewing great advice while not being able to stop talking long enough to take a breath.

What is actually happening is that clairaudient people often have friend’s, family, and even strangers spill their guts on to them. Why does this happen? Because subconsciously the other person’s spirit knows that the clairaudient person is a clear channel even if they don’t! This is why if you are clairaudient you can rattle off allllll kinds of advice to people without having a clue where it just came from! Validation that you were channeling? Not remembering all of what you just said! This is where the term “a channel” comes from. The clairaudient person was acting as a channel.

There seems to be some confusion about if “a channel” is a medium and if all mediums are “channels”.

Mediums have to be getting their information from somewhere so that would make them “a channel” if that is the context in which the word is being used. However, not all channels are mediums in the traditional sense of the word.

All “channels” are channeling divine consciousness and divine energy but each person’s gifts manifest differently!

Example: Sheri may be a channel for healing energy and akashic record messages while I, on the other hand, would be a channel for deceased loved ones and spirit guides. (Get a mediumship reading here!)

Simply put, the term channel used in reference to a person just means the translator. Channeling simply means to receive and deliver!

No intuitive gift or channeling ability is better than another. These gifts were given to us to help heal different people in different ways! The ability to channel divine information is meant to be used for the greater good.

If you read the article 25 ways to tell if you’re a medium and you checked quite a few boxes off then chances are you’re able to channel as well. You can start channeling intentionally, connecting with spirit intentionally, and using your gifts to help improve your life as a whole. To find out how check out the links below!

Learn about the psychic gifts and how to use them practically and safely. If you’re already tapped in, learn how to give accurate and specific readings! Work with a mentor! Connect with your spirit guides and allow them to help you along your journey!

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