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What is the chakra system?

What is the chakra system?

Even if you’re new to the spiritual or intuitive world you have probably heard the terms chakra or chakra system quite a bit. The chakra system is made of up energy centers within our bodies. Each of these energy centers directly corresponds to physical ailments, emotions, and even spiritual blocks.

The work chakra translates from Sanskrit to mean “wheel” and when translated from Hindu means “spinning wheel of energy”. I like to think of them as mini vortices within the body.

Our chakras often get unbalanced and when this happens we can experience physical and emotional discomfort. We can even manifest disease. The deeper you dig into spirituality and intuition, the more you find that it is incredibly important to work with your chakras on a regular basis. This helps to maintain a healthy system overall – mind, body, and spirit!

To keep your chakras balanced you must first know what each chakra does and where it is located in the body.

The 7 Chakras

Chakra #1 – The Root Chakra

Corresponding color Red

Located – At the base of your spine

Spiritual, energetic, and emotional connections – Groundedness, survival, money, logic, self-esteem

Intuitive Connection – grounding, stability, reality

Physical connections – Lower back pain, constipation, depression, foot and knee pain

Chakra #2 – The Sacral Chakra

Corresponding color – Orange

Located – Just below the belly-button

Spiritual, energetic, and emotional connections – creativity, unbalanced emotions, sexuality, ability to let go, relationships, energy

Intuitive Connection – creativity, blocks, and wounds

Physical connections – reproductive organs, bladder, digestion, addiction, hormonal imbalance

Corresponding color – Yellow

Located – Just below the diaphragm

Spiritual, energetic, and emotional connections – Filter for all emotions, sensitivity, trust, sense of purpose, confidence, energy center for the body

Intuitive Connection – Helps to balance the body, acts as a filter for the spiritual system, seed to the soul, clairsentience

Physical connections – liver, digestion, metabolism, energy, mental stability, anxiety

Chakra #4 – The Heart Chakra

Corresponding color – Green

Located – Center of the chest

Spiritual, energetic, and emotional connections – Love, worthiness (self and others), emotions, acceptance (self and others), joy, happiness, feeling deeply

Intuitive Connection empathy, seeing past perception, feeling

Physical connections – chest and heart, breathing, anxiety, shoulders, and arms

Chakra #5 – The Throat Chakra

Corresponding color – Blue

Located – Center of the throat

Spiritual, energetic, and emotional connectionsspeaking your truth, opinions, strength, respect, teaching, moving forward

Intuitive Connection – clairaudience, channeling

Physical connections – sinuses, throat, eating, swallowing, teeth and gums, ears

Corresponding color Violet/Indigo/Purple

Located – In-between the brows/forehead

Spiritual, energetic, and emotional connections – Seeing all angles, creativity, vision, emotions, spirituality, intuition

Intuitive Connection – clairvoyance, psychic abilities, mediumship

Physical connections – headaches, sinuses, brain, clarity, sleeping, mental issues,

Chakra #7 – The Crown Chakra

Corresponding color – White/gold

Located – above the head

Spiritual, energetic, and emotional connections – bliss, spirituality, full body connection, thinking, knowing, open-mindedness

Intuitive Connection – psychic abilities, allowing a spiritual connection to flow, the channel for receiving, divine connection

Physical connections – disease, discomfort, nerves, neurological

Know that it is important to keep all of the chakras balanced and aligned but issues with a certain chakra mean that you may have a block there.

When you read through this list and find areas that you would like to improve upon, work with, or that you currently have issues with; then I invite you to look more deeply into this chakra. Work with this charka through meditation, visualization, and assistance from your guides. You can also wear corresponding colors, use essential oils, crystal jewelry, and eat foods that connect to that chakra.

Learn all about how to work with your chakras in Chakras 101 a video course all about the chakra system – includes a 15 minute guided meditation!

Work with your spirit team to uncover what is going on within your chakra system! Not sure how to work with your spirit team? Start here or work with me directly!

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