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What Is Spiritual Discernment?

What Is Spiritual Discernment?

Recently I have been doing live question and answer segments on my Facebook page. These sessions have been amazing and have given me a chance to interact with readers and those that have an interest in spiritual and personal development!

So, what is spiritual discernment?

Spiritual discernment is determining what and who you’re connecting with during meditation or other connections. In the video, we talk about how can you know what spirit you’re connecting with and how can you trust that it’s not wishful thinking?

Here are some more spiritual topics we covered in the below video!

  1. We talk about how to set personal and spiritual boundaries

  2. In the video, we discuss how to get realigned with your spiritual practice

  3. How to want to give readings again

  4. All about the current full moon/lunar eclipse energy!

For help with your spiritual development check out these links mentioned in the video! 

Just one more announcement, during the Intuitive Bootcamp, I presented my students with a never-before opportunity to work with me in-depth on a very spiritual level.

The students who enrolled in this have been having massive breakthroughs and transformative results. Leveling up in many areas of their lives and identifying many limiting blocks that have held them back for years.

I am so passionate about this work that we are doing that I’ve poured my heart and spirit into it. For the past few weeks, I’ve been pushed to take on 3 more individuals ready to do this deep and heart-centered work. I can feel it in my soul that someone is reading this that is craving precisely this. The work, the connections, the offerings, the intensity!

Right now, I am opening up only 3 more spots for my Rise-Then Shine Spiritual Coaching Program.

This program includes 4 of my most popular and deep-diving courses!

This package was created to service our world’s needs right now! I am one person, and I am doing my best to spread the light, but I need others to commit to this with me.

I want to train you to spread your light and your gift in a way that feels good to you to be a service to this world. This doesn’t mean you have to be a coach or a medium it means you start showing up for yourself and as you do you naturally are lead to your highest path of service.​

  1. You will get 12 one on one coaching sessions.

  2. These sessions will be deeply intensive heart healing and layer shedding sessions.

  3. That will go into channeling practices.

  4. A few free-flowing sessions

  5. One massive (2 hour) planning session with my spirit team and yours to develop a plan and path for how you can shine your light!

  6. Recordings of all sessions and followup notes

  7. The Intuitive Development and Progression Course 

  8. Soul Driven Abundance workshops and recordings 

  9. Sacred Self-Healing 

  10. Mediumship Diving Deeper

Please only sign up for this coaching if you are ready to shed layers and do the work needed to be your best and brightest version. This work is sacred to me, and I want to devote my time and energy to you, so I ask that your investment be taken seriously and with full heart and purpose! Only 3 Spots Available (Register Here!)

With so much love,


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