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What is Spiritual Blockage?

What is Spiritual Blockage? 

Throughout the spiritual community, you will hear the word “block” over and over again. You will constantly read about removing blocks and healing blocks.

The questions therein lies; what is a block, how did you get a block, and how do you identify a block? Today we are going to dive deep into the concept of blocks so that you can identify yours and start moving through them!

What is a block?

A spiritual block is an issue, emotion, or situation that is keeping you from achieving your full potential. Of course, this concept could apply to any area of your life but today we are focusing on the spiritual aspect.

Spiritual blocks are essentially anything that creates a resistance within the self.

Say you’re enrolled in the 5-Week Intuitive Development Course and no matter what you do you can’t seem to grasp certain exercises. You see everyone else working through the exercises with ease and you start to get frustrated!

You start asking yourself what you’re doing wrong, you begin over-thinking and over analyzing. Then, the next thing you know, you are so upset with yourself you want to give up.

Deep within, you have a knowing that there is something blocking your progress but how do you find out what it is?

Thinking back the article it’s okay take a spirit break, you decide to do just that and you reset. After your reset you realize that now the exercises are easier, your gifts are opening up a little bit, and you’re feeling accomplished…maybe even a bit proud!

What changed?

When we get frustrated and we start comparing our journey to another’s we start to create a resistance. We start to build an emotional or spiritual block without even realizing it.

Remember back in school when you would get so frustrated with your math homework? You would wrack and wrack your brain trying to figure out the answer until you were ready to give up!

Sometimes we are sooooo wrapped up in why we aren’t understanding the problem that we neglect to see the solution right in front of our face.

With math homework, you might have put the pencil down for a few minutes to reset and take a snack break. During your refueling process, the solution may have suddenly popped into our mind!

The same concept applies here! When you’re trying too hard you may be missing what is right in front of you. Take a step back, put the crystal down, and let the answer find you when the resistance has died down a little.

What are some examples of blocks and how do they develop?

  1. Fears, either evident or underlying can create blocks.

  2. Not speaking your truth will create blocks.

  3. Dismissing and downplaying your gifts will create blocks.

  4. Old patterns and beliefs systems you have taken on will create hidden blocks.

  5. Not being true to your hearts desires and the self will surely create blocks.

Ever date someone who you know is into you but because of a past relationship, they refuse to let their guard down? Emotional block!

Know you have gifts but you’re afraid of what you might see or encounter? Fear is your spiritual block!

Does the universe keep trying to get your attention by sending you signs, giving you vivid dreams, or connecting with you clairaudiently? Ignoring those things will create intuitive blocks.

Identifying your own blocks can be done but it takes a pretty clean mirror to see what you have subconsciously tucked away.

Understanding your own blocks means that for a little while you’re going to have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’re going to need to look at yourself and your life from an unbiased outsider’s perspective!

It takes some deep diggin’…been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Self-love, self-work, and dedication is all that it really takes to identify and heal your own blocks and cut the cords.

Have you been working on developing your intuitive gifts but you feel like you just aren’t getting anywhere? Sometimes, even with the proper tools and guidance, you may have some underlying fears or blocks that are preventing you from achieving your full potential.

It may be beneficial to take a look at the closest people to you. Notice their issues and see how they might be manifesting within you. You could also ask a friend to be 100% real with ya but you’re going to have to be 100% real with them too if you want to get anywhere. If those are not options or you tried them and they didn’t do the trick then I invite you to try some intuitive guidance or get a mentor.

Your guides, spirit team, and higher-self will be happy to tell you exactly what is going on with you. They will let you know where the block is and why it’s there. Your mentor will be happy to give you the tools to remove it and give you a completely unbiased and loving perspective on how to move forward.

You can also work to heal your spiritual blockages and inner child on your own with the Sacred Self-Healing Course! 

Sending you love and healing! Now go cut some cords and heal some blocks!

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