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What Is Self-Expansion? Awakening And Expansion!

What does expansion look like for you? For me expanding means allowing myself to grow in all directions. In the past, that meant that I had to change my mindset, which was a lot more work than I’d like to admit. After I changed my mindset I got to allow myself to grow spiritually; something that was never on my radar before. When I finally allowed myself to start expanding my entire life changed.

Allowing myself to make these changes, though sometimes uncomfortable, allowed me to flourish in ways that I never thought were possible.

You see, changing my mindset allowed me to expand into my soul’s purpose. This blog is my purpose. You guys are my purpose. Helping people to connect with their divine and helping them to heal in whatever way their soul needs – that is my purpose.

As I moved through my awakening, my whole world was shaken to pieces. People that I thought would be in my life forever started to fall out of it. In the midst of it all, I was confused. I felt that I was doing the work and at a soul level, I knew I was slowly inching towards where I was supposed to be, but still the pain…the pain was intense at times.

When you’re growing through an awakening, often times repressed memories will come up and everything you thought you knew suddenly becomes different and confusing to you. You can start to feel out of alignment with people you thought you loved and that loved you. Things you thought you loved to do, the things you enjoyed laughing at, all of it can change, and it can be so shattering, but that’s the beauty! That’s when you know you’ve done the work.

When you shatter you crack open to reveal what has been yearning to shine all along. You, the real you!

The universe knows what it’s doing when it takes people out of your life or takes the job you thought you needed. It will make you feel out of alignment with what is becoming your old life to create the space for new people, new experiences, and new opportunities.

My self-work helped me to expand in all areas. Areas of compassion, self-forgiveness, career, and more.

Shedding and expanding has allowed me to make space for the people that I am in true alignment with. Today I work with people around the world that I have never met in person. I have amazing clients, amazing friends, mentors, and coaches that had I never aligned with my calling I would have never met. Without you them and without you guys my life would be less.

Almost two years ago I was invited to a group mastermind call, and I was so nervous. So nervous that I almost bailed! I didn’t know who I would be talking to or if there would be competition or if I was qualified enough to even be on the phone with these women.

All of those fears were false.

I met and connected with amazing women entrepreneurs who were building heart-centered businesses. They were also working on themselves, and they weren’t afraid to share it.

Almost two years later these girls have become my family. We go to each other with our highs, our lows, our most intimate stories, and our silliest. We encourage each other, and we lift each other. Although many of our businesses fall under the same umbrella there is no competition, there is only love.

This is sisterhood

Because I allowed myself to break open and expand I am now a part of the most inspiring and authentic and brilliant circle of women that I have ever connected with. They are my soul family. And though I have never met them in person, I have a connection with them that is so rare, so spiritual, and so authentic.

Meet my sisters!

Nixie Marie

Owner and creator of I AM GODDESS COLLECTIVE Podcast! She does all the things! Podcast, membership, sacred sisterhood, and more!

Magalie Rene

Owner of Helping you to consciously creates a life, space, and career that shines!

Erin Gallager

Owner of Erinspirational coaching, tarot, and more!

Mimi Truong

Owner of leadership coaching and modern astrology

Sarah Nehman!

@loveH2life – remember those cute water bottle stickers I shared here? Yep, that’s her!


@embodiedbysafyra yoga, dance, breathwork, all of it!

Expand, grow, and allow yourself to be YOU!

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