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What Is Intuitive Eating And How Do You Do It?

What is intuitive eating and how do you do it?

Be honest, how is your diet? How often do you say, “man, I wish I wouldn’t have eaten that!”? I do it regularly, and I know better! I’m not talking about eating for weight loss or starving yourself from the simple pleasures in life or even starving yourself at all! I eat all day errday and I ain’t ashamed to say it. In this article, I am talking about intuitive eating or allowing your body to tell you exactly what it needs and wants! 

So, what is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is allowing your body and higher self to tell you what you need! I try to practice the art of intuitive eating as often as I can. Actually, I started doing it before I got into anything “spiritual” at all! Intuitive eating started for me when I went down the path of eating about 90% clean for 2 years. 

While clean eating, I got into the habit of looking at my food choices and then asking myself, “what do I actually need right now?” Then, I would intuitively pick my food choice based on my body’s response! 

Isn’t it funny how we use our intuition and communicate with our higher selves long before we know we are doing it? It’s almost as if it’s always been there, guiding us and talking to us. What a concept, right? 

What are the benefits of intuitive eating?

  1. A more balanced diet.

  2. More energy

  3. A healthier body weight (some people actually need to gain weight, and some need to lose. Some people just need to maintain, your body will help you!)

  4. More mental clarity and energy. 

  5. Assistance in discovering food sensitivities and eliminating the triggers.

  6. Overwhelming joy from realizing you’ve got so much power within you! 

  7. A healthier mind, body, and spirit overall! 

Your body is the vessel, the car, if you will, for your spirit! The spirit is the one doing the driving! If you want an answer to your highest path or choice, simply choose to tune in and listen to what you have to say. 

Intuitive eating can be done for weight loss, but really it should be done just with your highest good in mind. As you start down, the intuitive eating path, truly listen to what your higher self and body have to say! 

Here is how to start the practice of intuitive eating! 

  1. Set an intention first thing in the morning to eat what your body needs and not what the mind craves. 

  2. Be kind to yourself throughout the day, and don’t beat yourself up over anything, especially the food choices you’ve made today or over the years! 

  3. Ask your higher-self to join you and be with you throughout this day. 

  4. Before you make your food or get your snack, pause. 

  5. Close your eyes, place your hand on your stomach and heart, and be with yourself. 

  6. Then, send love to yourself. 

  7. Now say, “Highest self and body, what is it that will best serve me right now? What do I need? What does my body actually need right now?”

  8. Take a deep breath and actually follow the guidance you’re given

  9. Thank your body and higher self for the love, guidance, and support!

Try this a few times a day to really get good at it! After a few weeks, you won’t have to think or try so hard anymore; it will just flow. You will make more suitable choices for yourself because you expect the best from your highest self. So naturally, you will be guided in the right direction! 

Question: “Will I only eat healthy foods if I try intuitive eating?”

Nope! Sometimes you just need a piece of cake…it’s rare, but sometimes you will be guided towards it. It sounds silly, right? Like who actually needs cake? Well, I sometimes do! Sometimes I get to celebrate and indulge because holding myself back from things I love is not going to bring me joy, and everything in moderation is fine! 

Intuition speaks, but you have to listen! 

Just like with anything else, we can choose to allow our intuition to guide us, or we can choose to ignore it. It’s really as simple as that. 

If I am out of the house and ask myself what I want for lunch, I will be guided away from fast food even though it the easiest choice! The thing is, my body now HATES fast food, and even if I crave it, my intuition will pull me in another direction. Occasionally even I choose to ignore the nudge, and I regret it every time!

Intuitive eating is a great way to start connecting with your body and higher self. 

It’s also a great way to start trusting the hits you’re given. You can then allow this guidance to overflow into your life, and you will soon realize you’re being divinely led more often than not! 

Everything in life is a choice, and this is no different. Your intuition is honestly your choice. You either choose to tap in, let your guard down, and trust yourself, or you choose to stay where you are! 

Don’t you think it’s time to start allowing your intuition to easily speak to you? 

Isn’t it time during this crazy season of life that you actually meet those mystical spirit guides everyone raves about? There are many reasons to allow our intuition to guide us, but the main reason is that it enhances all areas of our lives! 

So, you can start with intuitive eating, but that’s just a taste (pun intended) of what you can expect when you fully SUBMERGE YOURSELF INTO THE INTUITIVE AND CONSCIOUS LIVING LIFESTYLE!  

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