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What Is Clairvoyance and How Does It Work?

Clairvoyance is the first thing people think of when they hear the word psychic. Initially, they think of someone who sees dead people walking around everywhere and admittedly, I used to think the same. In fact, I thought I wasn’t a good medium because I didn’t see ghosts walking around anymore at all  (I saw full figures as a kid). So if it’s not seeing ghosts walking freely among us, then what is clairvoyance and how does it work? Visual people are more often than not, clairvoyant people. We have vivid dreams and when we explain something to you we use metaphors or vivid imagery to get our point across. Our stories take longer than most because we are trying to paint a picture for you because this is how we tend to process information. When we hear songs or when you tell us a story we can see it unfolding in our minds-eye.

Clairvoyants tend to learn best by watching; I was never a read a book and take a test kind of girl, I had to see it. While other kids were taking notes I was drawing pictures and diagrams. I eventually learned that if I took a mental image of something I could then drum it back up and my grades improved dramatically!

Creativity is perhaps one of the most dominant ways that clairvoyance manifests! Think about it… an artist drums up a picture from within before it is ever put to paper. As I’ve told you before I loved art, I had planned to be an artist since childhood. I took every art class there was to take throughout high school and I went to college for art. While I always had the inclination that I was a psychic of some sort, I never thought that my ability to paint and draw was my clairvoyance popping through.

Instead of thinking of clairvoyance as looking into a crystal ball and seeing the future,  try to look at it from a more familiar viewpoint. Clairvoyant imagery more often than not shows up just like memories or daydreams would. It can look like images or movie-like scenes inside the minds-eye. This is also known as your third-eye chakra or the pineal gland. When people work to clear and decalcify the pineal gland their images become even more vivid!

Clairvoyance also manifests in other significant ways aside from seeing faces when you fall asleep, having telling dreams, and seeing energy. People who are clairvoyant can not only see images of people who have passed but they can also see through all the bull-sh*t.

That’s right, Clairvoyant people tend to see situations more clearly than most.

If you’re the friend that gets constant phone calls for your great advice it’s likely because you call them as you SEE them. You can see situations for what they really are and not just from outside appearances. Sometimes, you may wonder why your friend’s even call you for your advice because you give it to them straight…whether they want to hear it or not. The funny thing is, they will keep coming back because they realize you’re able to SEE the situation from all angles…without smoke and mirrors.

If throughout this article you’ve been saying to yourself “OMG THIS IS TOTALLY ME” or you’ve been seeing situations in the past where this has happened it may be time to dig a little deeper! Most of the time people who are clairvoyant don’t even know it but in fact, clairvoyance is a skill that can be honed in on, managed, and strengthened. As a clairvoyant myself, I eventually hit a brick wall with reading books and I needed something more. I needed a mentor and I needed practical exercises, once I had those things the wall was chopped down and I was using my gifts regularly and effectively!

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