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What Is An Ascended Master? How Can An Ascended Master Help You?

What is an Ascended Master? We’ve all heard of guardian angels and most of us have heard of spirit guides. The term Ascended Masters, however, is a new one for many people! What is an ascended master and how can they help you?

When I first heard the term Ascended Master I must admit, my mind went “oh here we go” thinking it was going to be some far out there spiritual concept. A concept that likely had to do with aliens or something of the sort.

Much to my surprise, however, when I actually learned what an Ascended Master was I found it comforting and a lot more relatable than I had expected. In fact, you’ve probably heard of a very well known Ascended Master. Does the name Jesus Christ ring a bell? Stick with me here….

An Ascended Master is a spiritual being that was once in human form.

The concept behind the Ascended Master is that they have mastered this whole human experience thing and have become one with God Consciousness – Source – Oneness – whatever you prefer to call the creator energy of all that is.

They have endured human experiences, healed all of their karma, and learned all of their lessons. These souls have ascended into the upper levels of the spirit realm to help guide, teach, and protect humanity.

Ascended masters embody pure divine love and carry no judgment. They sacrifice for the greater good if that means bringing forth healing and the messages of the God Source.

This is why you will find that on many spiritual websites Jesus is referred to as an Ascended Master. He is a teacher, a guide, pure love, and pure sacrifice. His message was to teach us that we are all love, we are all one, we are all “God’s Children” aka we are all Source energy.

When you feel the presence of an Ascended Master you will feel stunningly beautiful and vibrant energy. You will feel that you are sitting in and embodying the pure essence of love and oneness.

Ascended Masters are here to help us to complete our tasks, heal our karmas, and work through our issues. Essentially their purpose is to help us to ascend invoking the idea that we are all ascended masters in training.

If you believe in karma and reincarnation you understand that with each rebirth we are here to learn, to grow, and to fulfill a purpose. Essentially Earth is our school and life is our teacher. The Ascended Masters help us through this school so that we can eventually ascend and become one with them.

Ascended Masters help on both individual and collective levels. Call on them to help you through all of life’s lessons. Ask for their assistance. Ask to see things through their eyes. Ask to be shown the way!

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