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What Is A Spiritual Block And How Do You Know If You Have One?

What is a spiritual block and how do you know if you have one?

We live in a world where we are often taught that showing emotion means that you’re weak. People teach us that complaining isn’t going to get you anywhere and that to be socially accepted you must act, dress, talk, and even think in particular ways.

There is a significant problem with all of this (besides the obvious judgment). When you aren’t allowing your feelings to come up or you aren’t giving yourself permission to speak your truth you start to create subconscious patterns and habits you will have to condition yourself out of. Also known as Spiritual or Emotional blocks.

The trickiest part about it is that a lot of it starts in childhood. Our parents tell us to think and act in certain ways that fit their belief systems. As children, we are told to stop crying because it won’t get us anywhere. We are taught that adults are right and we are wrong. Some of us are even taught that children are meant to be seen and not heard.

I get it sometimes kids cry, and it’s annoying – I have two…I know. Sometimes threenagers or teenagers get unexplainable attitudes and need t to be disciplined. I get it. All of that said there are ways for adults to help children move through their emotions rather than teaching them to shove them down.

Now, this doesn’t ONLY happen as children; it can also occur in relationships, friendships, or in the workplace. The main thing to note is that we can allow ourselves to process emotions and situations in ways that serve us and others instead of creating blocks.

When we shove our feelings down, or we don’t speak what is our truth we start to create what some people call emotional or spiritual blocks. These blocks can create patterns that last a lifetime if not dealt with.

Emotional blocks around not speaking your truth can result in:

  1. Missed opportunities

  2. Feeling like a doormat

  3. Feeling like you don’t matter

  4. Having a blocked throat chakra

  5. Lack of confidence

  6. Never truly going after or knowing how to go after what you want

  7. Allowing yourself to come last

  8. Staying in situations that don’t serve you (job, relationship, etc.)

Shoving emotions down can result in:

  1. The belief that you aren’t good enough

  2. Relationship problems all the way around

  3. Commitment issues

  4. Health problems related to stress

  5. Putting up emotional walls

When we don’t allow our emotions to come up and out of us, they build, and they build. I always see this as “concrete” within the body when I am connecting to spirit.

In everyday life, you will see these things come up when a calm and collected person explodes from something seemingly insignificant. It will also be apparent that someone is emotionally blocked when they aren’t allowing themselves to love or be loved fully.

Spiritually speaking these habits (or spiritual blocks) affect us on much deeper levels as well. When we are trying to tune in to our own intuition or spiritual connections, and nothing is happening, we need to look at our patterns, stories, and what we need to heal.

Intuitive work starts with our own emotional healing and deep seeded wounds. Often times we think that we don’t care or have dealt with something from the past just because of the amount of time that has passed. This isn’t the case most of the time, and we need to sit down and venture backward to really allow ourselves to heal and clear those blocks.

Today I invite you to sit with yourself and take a few deep breaths. Then scan your body and see where you are holding tension. Next, ask yourself what needs to come up so that it can fully heal. Then just sit. Sit with yourself for 10-15 minutes and pay attention to what scenario and issues come up for you. Do not judge yourself on the fact that it was years ago or a small situation, if it’s coming up it needs to be dealt with.

Be kind to yourself and don’t get frustrated with where you are. The simple fact that you took your attention to your healing is the biggest step towards a more vibrant you.

Now the healing gets to happen – love yourself and remember these “blocks” are just habits and patterns that you’ve been conditioned into over the years. You are in control now, you have the knowledge to shift! My friend, you can create new and more powerful habits that serve you and those around you.

Take your power back, love your path, love your self, and love your healing.

If this article has inspired you to journey deeper into a connection with yourself and you would like someone to help hold you accountable, I am here. Sometimes an outside perspective is just what we need to start identifying some of those blocks.

Schedule your coaching session here or go about your healing at your own pace with me as your guide in the Sacred Self HEaling Audio Course!

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