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What Is A Soul Contract? Who Do We Make Soul Contracts With?

What Is A Soul Contract?

If you caught the last article about reincarnation then you understand that this time on Earth isn’t exactly our first rodeo. We visit this planet many times, each time working to heal, evolve, and grow as a spirit. Before we come here however we establish relationships with other spirits and pick the types of experiences that are going to help us to just that. These pre-set agreements and agendas are also known as soul contracts.

What Exactly Is A Soul Contract?

“Your Sacred Contract is the agreement that your soul makes in order to progress it’s growth while in this lifetime.  This is where your soul agrees to the kinds of karmic lessons you’ll learn, experiences you’ll have, and circumstances you’ll find yourself in during this lifetime.” 

In the article, she uses the term Sacred Contract as your contracts for life experiences and Soul Contract when talking about relationships. I agree with this but to keep things simple, today we are going to use the term “Soul Contract” to cover all bases.

It’s easy to see how a brother, sister, parent, or spouse is someone that we chose to enroll in a soul contract with. These people may even be our soul-mates; our family is usually our biggest teacher after all. When it comes to strangers, acquaintances, or the guy that caused you to get in a car accident however it’s harder to grasp the concept that they play a significant role in our soul’s experience.

Soul Contracts come down to growth and lessons.

Our soul picks the people and experiences that are going to help it to grow, evolve, and work through karma. That said, these soul contracts are not always going to feel blissful and amazing. The people and experiences we are bound to in these contracts are to help us. It does not matter how uncomfortable or brief those experiences and interactions may be.

Each person and experience we encounter leaves some sort of imprint within us. Everything we have ever done has lead us to where we are in this very moment.

With all this talk of predestined events and relationships, one of two things might be going through your mind right now.

  1. “Well, if it’s all preplanned then I just have to deal with the cards I was dealt.”

  2. “I thought we had free will?”

Here’s the thing, while the lessons we need to learn in this life are pre-planned… the way that we journey to and through them is entirely up to us. 

What I mean is you still get to pick door number one or door number two at any given moment. You don’t get to excuse yourself or your circumstances because “that’s how things are.” Part of the contract is to identify patterns, learn lessons, and grow as a spirit.

Patterns show up for us to work through using our free will. These patterns can be hard lessons but they are also a gift. When we consciously choose to change the pattern and to absorb the lesson this is where things shift. When the karmic lesson is learned because of the choices you made using your free will the pattern no longer has a need to show up.

Just remember, since you do have free will if you choose door number two (knowing that it’s not serving you – see karmic relationships) over and over again the same lessons and patterns will keep showing up.

Not all contracts are intense and hard to learn lessons but all of them are for our growth and our evolution as a soul.

For instance, your children chose YOU to come to. They could have gone to anyone in the world but they picked you. You are their teacher and they are yours.

Your children teach you to love no matter what. They also push you to keep going and to do better. Kids also remind us not to take life so seriously, to have fun, to play, and to live without bias. They also teach us to speak our truth…anyone with a toddler to 5-year-old can certainly attest to this!

You see, everyone in our experience is part of our journey. From the most significant actor in your play to the guy standing in front of you at the supermarket that reminds you to smile.

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