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What is a Psychic Attack?

What is a psychic attack?

Have you ever attacked someone? I bet you have, and you don’t even know it! I’m talking about psychic attacks or attacks. What is a psychic attack, you ask? A psychic or energetic attack is when one person unleashes all their thoughts and feelings onto another. It’s called an energetic attack because it’s basically like throwing spiritual daggers at a person.

I used to attack people all the time psychically!

Before I became self-aware and changed my thought patterns, I thought the world was out to get me. I believed that every uncomfortable moment in my life had happened to me and not for me. I would hold grudges and be angry long after unpleasant interactions, and for some reason, I thought that holding on to that was going to serve me in some way.

Energetically I would win an argument by using a psychic attack!

I remember so many times throughout life going off on someone inside my head who had hurt or upset me. Internally I would see myself saying all the things I wanted to say no matter how mean or angry they were to the other person. In those scenes, I would speak my truth with gusto and walk out of the situation with my head held high. In those scenarios, I really showed them what I thought, and I had the final word.

You’ve been there, right? Internally you said all the things you needed to say, let out a few f-bombs, and dropped the mic? If so, you psychically attacked someone just like I did!

It’s pretty standard practice when you don’t know any different. You are hurt, so you lash out at the other person and say all the things you wish you would have said in the moment. In your own head, you win the argument and rewrite the ending in your favor.

Now listen, I am all about rewriting our stories and reprogramming our minds, but psychic attacks aren’t the way to go about it.

Because we are all energy, these seemingly insignificant moments actually have a vast impact on both the other person and us. These moments of energetic outlast cause cords to be formed that weigh on both parties spiritually speaking.

When we catch ourselves in the act of lashing out internally, we can stop the psychic attack in its tracks.

As you become more and more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and actions, it becomes easier to steer them in the right direction, back towards love.

Choose love over fear, and you will instantly stop a psychic attack.

How To Stop and Prevent A Psychic Attack!

  1. Catch yourself in action!

  2. When you notice you’re lashing out at another, choose to pause.

  3. Take a deep breath.

  4. Acknowledge yourself and the other person.

  5. Think about what you’re really feeling. Are you feeling anger, sadness? Are you embarrassed?

  6. Breathe into that and let those emotions move through you.

  7. Visualize the other person or the situation.

  8. Wrap pink light around it in the form of a bubble or a cacoon.

  9. Do the same to yourself.

  10. Notice if you see any cords or attachments from you to the other person and then dissolve them.

  11. The last step is to choose forgiveness and to release yourself from the situation.

When we psychic attack someone, it hurts our soul. We are love, and so anytime our soul is out of alignment with that, it pushes us away from our true nature, from our higher self. If we are out of alignment with our higher self, we can feel alone, angry, or like something is missing.

Choosing forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re saying what happened in your life is ok.

Forgiveness doesn’t permit the situation to happen again, and it doesn’t excuse poor behavior. What it does do though, is it lets you heal. Forgiveness allows you to move forward, and it will enable you to grow.

When you chose to send that person or scenario away wrapped in love, you stop the psychic attack in its tracks.

A psychic attack is a personal and energetic outlast onto another soul.

It keeps you stuck; this energetic connection weighs you down; it doesn’t let you process. Forgive because it releases you, let go because you deserve to be lighter. Attacking someone energetically does hurt the other person, but it hurts you just the same.

Chose to be response-able. Choose to see the blessin’ in the lesson. Choose self-awareness. Let yourself vibrate higher!

Working with your spirit team is a great way to process and get clear if you’re struggling with letting go and healing. Many say that intuitive counseling is even more effective than traditional therapy because of the deep healing that comes along. So whether you choose to work with me or go at it on your own, soul healing work is the best gift you will ever give yourself!

Oh….and P.S. if you’re someone who is always talking to yourself and or other people in your head, you might be clairaudient! Check it out here!

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