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What Happens To A Spirit After Suicide?

What happens to someone’s spirit after they commit suicide? As the holiday season quickly approaches my inbox is being flooded with questions and inquiries about suicide. As we go to our holiday parties and thankful gatherings it’s easy to forget that this time of year isn’t cheery for everyone.

Statistically, there is a rise in depression and suicide around the holiday season. There is travel, hustle, bustle, societal pressures, and family obligations.

We search and search for the perfect gifts for those that we love and end up putting ourselves in unnecessary debts. We’re made to feel guilty if we can’t make the 6-hour drive to our relative’s house and we miss those that we used to enjoy the holiday’s with.

The holidays are hard and they make us hard on ourselves. Combine all of that with the cold- gloomy days and you can easily see why more people are pushed back into a deep depression.

For those of you who have been wondering, here is a little bit of insight on what happens to a soul after suicide.

In the beginning of my career, I used to have clients that came to me all with something in common. The person they were trying to reach had left this Earth due to suicide or drug overdose. I didn’t understand why at the time and I thought something was wrong with me to be attracting such energies. Now I know however that those readings were prepping me for a much bigger picture. I got to help those spirits and they got to help me.

Each soul is different and so there is no blanket scenario that I can give you to answer this question. What I can do however is tell you is what I have witnessed most often when connecting with a soul who passed due to suicide.

Most suicides don’t cross over right away.

Don’t worry, your loved one is ok, they just have some reflecting to do. Often times they will attend their own funerals, hang around for a while and make their presence known.

Suicides don’t cross over right away for a number of reasons. They often have messages to get across to those that they love. These spirits tend to hold themselves in place until they can clear their negative thoughts and energy. They also look for you, their loved one to help them to cross over by reassuring them that it is ok. This gives the spirit permission and helps them drop some guilt.

Most of the time when I pick up on a suicide I can sense the presence of the spirit far away towards the back of the room. I can generally identify the way they passed by this and the feelings they are giving me. Many people who commit suicide seem to carry with them a sense of guilt. This guilt is usually for those that they left behind and the hurt that their loved ones feel. They may also show up as sad, angry, and sometimes they feel a bit embarrassed.

During connection, I work to coax the spirit forward reminding them that they are safe and that we are connecting with them only out of love. Once they feel safe and decide to step forward a bit there is still a sort of curtain in front of them. Eventually, once they feel comfortable with me and reassured they step out from behind the curtain and take on their in-life personality.

If a suicide victim never gets permission to cross will they stay forever?

No! Just like us, they have a spirit team over there willing to help and teach them. It’s still up to the spirit, however, to allow themselves to cross. They generally have things to forgive themselves and others for, lessons to learn, and negativity to shed. Once they start this process they will start to ascend higher and higher.

Suicide actually did provide them with a sense of relief.

This scenario is much less common but it does happen. Usually, in circumstances such as this the person carried with them a mental illness, physical illness, or honestly felt deep within them that it was time. Meaning there was absolutely no question in their mind about their decision and they physically could not hang on any longer.

These spirits still generally come through with the curtain in place just to let me know how they passed but are much more eager to introduce themselves. They will often present as much happier and will tell us right from the get-go what it is like for them over there. This always includes how they are feeling physically and emotionally.

The trend I have noticed with this scenario, however, is there seems to be quite a bit of “schooling” going on for them in the afterlife. It is because of this that they don’t seem to visit as much as other spirits unless specifically called forward.

They are generally busy with learning life lessons and speaking to the council. These spirits stay busy helping others who are dealing with the same physical experiences that they endured and they may be acting as a guide for a specific family member that really needs them.

Basically, they are feeling better and are happier than ever but they’ve still got quite a bit of work to do!

In both scenarios, it is helpful for you to let the spirit know that you forgive them and that you give them permission to live in the light. Though they will get there and in scenario number 2 they are already living there, it is helpful and comforting for the spirit to know that they have your support.

If you have been thinking about suicide or you’re having a hard time right now, please talk to someone! Suicide is not the answer and not something to be taken lightly. Remember, most souls do not find the relief they are seeking right away.

I encourage you to find the light within you because yes beautiful…it’s there. I too was once in a very dark place and thought that it might be easier. As a survivor and as someone who has seen what it is like for those who chose the latter I can promise you that you’re here for a reason. Life can and will get better if you want it too!

Maybe you get to experience your current life so that you can one day help those who are wearing similar shoes? Don’t give up! Every day give yourself just one more day, it can and it will get better.

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide please reach out to Lifeline, a friend, or family member. Find love for yourself because I promise we all have a purpose here and you are needed!

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