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What Are Affirmations And Why Do We Need Them?

Affirmations, What Are They and Why Do We Need Them?

Throughout my spiritual journey and finding my happy there has been one thing in my toolkit that I have used consistently. In fact, I don’t think there has been a single day since I started down this path that I haven’t said at least a few affirmations!

What are affirmations and what are they used for?

Affirmations are basically phases that you repeat to yourself to help you change your mindset. We can use affirmations to help reprogram our minds to think more clearly, more positively, and to improve our perspective on life completely.

You’re likely already using affirmations which are reflections of your current reality and belief systems!

When you use the two words “I am” in front of any statement you have started to speak that phrase into your reality.

  1. I am tired

  2. I am hungry

  3. I am sick

  4. I am over it

  5. I am annoyed

  6. I am madAll of these statements affirm to your mind that you are in fact those things.

We so often use words like annoying, mad, and angry and we aren’t actually any of those things. Using them in a joking manner or not signals to your brain what to focus on and in this case that is negative – limiting beliefs. Our mind does not know the difference between reality and what we perceive (a great article on that here).

When we realize how powerful our words are and how they can shape our perceptions and thus our reality we can begin to choose more consciously! This has a fantastic impact on our lives and even helps to shift those around us. When you start paying attention to what you’re affirming you will see that many people around you are speaking in limiting terms as well!

When you start to consciously and consistently choose your thoughts and words, you begin to form positive habits! These positive habits turn into a positive lifestyle. Your positive way of seeing allows you to raise your vibration and start to sync up with the magic all around you.

I’m serious yall! A small change like paying attention to your words will start to shift everything for you! It worked for me, Louise Hay, Oprah, Gabby, Wayne, Tony, and the like. If you want to change your life and get happier, more prosperous, healthier, whatever – you have to start with your mindset, and the only way to do that is to reprogram it! Plus remember most of the time it’s not your fault! We are conditioned by our upbringing, those we surround ourselves with, and the things we see in our current reality. It’s easy to say that it wouldn’t work for you – but what if you tried hard for two weeks to think three positive affirmations for every negative thought or word? What if?

Here are a few affirmations to get you started! Say them out loud, internally, connect them to an app, and do them in front of the mirror! I promise if you stay dedicated and self-disciplined, you will start to see significant shifts!

  1. I am happy!

  2. I am joyful!

  3. I love myself so much! (Definitely, do this in the mirror!)

  4. I am confident!

  5. I love the job I have and the people I work with. They are teaching me to grow, and I am expanding.

  6. Life is good, and I am in love with the life I am creating!

  7. I choose to be happy!

  8. I choose to see the beauty in every moment especially those that are teaching me to grow.

I now am using a new and super fun app called ThinkUp to record my favorite affirmations so I can listen to them on the go!

ThinkUp is an app that has a vast and I mean almost unlimited library of prewritten affirmations. First, you click the affirmations you love all of which are categorized by what you want to focus on. Then it adds them to a playlist FOR YOU…there is like no work for you at all!

Here’s the best part you can go to your playlist and tap each one to record. Your chosen affirmations are even right there on the screen for you to read while you record! It’s amazing!

The app takes your recorded playlist and puts it to music FOR YOU …again no work or technical knowledge required.

Then you have a snazzy meditation complete with music and your own voice with your own affirmations for you to listen to throughout the day. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

To learn more about mindset, tapping into a higher vibration, and living a life full of synchronicity and magic check out The Intuitive You Mini-Course! 

To start changing your mindset, rewriting your stories, healing deep traumas, and finding out what your SOUL needs you to know, start your Sacred Self-Healing right now, you owe it to yourself to be genuinely happy! (Affirmations and guided meditations included!)

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