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Vision Board Party! How To Create And Use Your Vision Board! May 19th!

How To Create And Use A Vision Board? Vision Board Party, May 19th!

I want to teach you how to create and use a vision board to actually manifest the things you desire. How have vision boards worked for you in the past? Can I tell you something? I’ve manifested almost everything I’ve ever put on my vision boards.

I want to teach you to manifest using your vision board as well!

What are you up to next week? Wednesday, May 19th at 8:30 PM EST, I will be hosting a Vision Board Party and I would love it if you could come!

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, but life has been so crazy that I just haven’t had the time. (Time is a story of mine I am consistently working on!) The thing is though, my vision boards are literally falling apart because I use them so much! Plus, I’ve manifested most of the things on them already! EEEEKKKK! So grateful!

Vision boards are a great way to see what you desire and connect emotion, feeling, and gratitude to those things.

As I’ve said before, once you connect gratitude and the feeling of already having what you want, then it’s basically already yours. I’ll elaborate on this during the vision board party!

During the party, I will go over what a vision board actually is (it’s more than pretty pictures), how it works, how to use it, and of course how to manifest with it!

We will talk vision boards, eat snacks, drink our favorite drinks, and get into a high vibe while setting our intentions to manifest our desires! Want in? Here is your invitation to register!

This party is exclusive only to those who register and there is NO COVER – aka, it’s free babe! Why wouldn’t you come? It’s going to be fun, flowy, and high vibe! It’s a virtual hang sesh, so dress up or come in your pj’s – it’s up to you!

Here is what you will need for the party!

  1. Thick paper or cardstock! I like to use paper from my sketchbook, which is about 11×14, but any size will work!

  2. Glue – if ya want to get fancy and add some extra energy, get some glitter glue. You won’t see it, but the vibe will be there!

  3. Magazines! I suggest a few different ones! I like to get home, travel, and a random semi-trashy magazine just to use the words lol!

  4. Scissors

  5. A few words, pictures, and or map locations you want to visit pre-printed. (download this for help and inspiration)

  6. Your favorite snacks, drinks, and whatever else makes you comfy!

Oh, and this is super casual! This should be time spent for you to focus on your desires and should be super fun! That said, don’t worry about if the kids are still up or if you’re doing it from your bedroom.

Just jump on the vision board party, get the vibes, get in the flow, and party with me!

I know that creating a vision board can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it with the energy and intention to actually manifest!

I have created a printable packet for those that are interested! It includes some of my favorite affirmations, some of the exact things I will be including on my vision board, inspirational quotes, and some things that keep me in alignment and help me have fun when looking at my board. This isn’t required to join the party, but will certainly be helpful if you want more than just magazine pics on your board!

Register for the party here! It’s free, but you do have to sign up!

I am so so so excited to connect with you! And if you want manifesting and vision board inspo in the meantime, check out the following!

Mission Manifest, on sale now for just $199. This course is a collection of videos and content for manifesting that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s helped so many people change their lives, call in more money, get the job, the apartment, etc. I highly recommend it for anyone that feels stuck around manifesting and shifting their vibration and perspective!

What you get:

  1. 11 videos plus 3 bonus videos! 14 videos in total!

  2. You’re going to learn all about The Law Of Attraction, plus much more!

  3. How to manifest!

  4. How to create and actually get your vision board to work for you.

  5. Why you might not be manifesting and how to change that!

  6. A clear understanding of affirmations and visualizations, how to use them, and why they work

  7. How to magnify your intentions!

  8. Plus an exclusive video using my personal formula for how I manifest step by step!

Here are a few of my favorite articles on vision boards and manifesting!

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