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Tried Everything And Still Can’t Connect To Spirit? Read This!

Sometimes in life, you try all that you can think of to connect with someone on a deeper level and it just doesn’t work. You may try being kind, being mean, yelling, talking, the silent treatment, stooping to their level and rising above. Often times with people and relationships when you’ve exhausted all options the only thing left to do is to heal on a spiritual level and then call it good.

Luckily with spirit, however, even if you THINK you’ve exhausted all options of connecting you probably haven’t!

Connecting with spirit does not mean that you’re going to see spirit. Nor does it mean you will hear them. So many people get stuck on wanting to connect with spirit in a specific way that they neglect the connections that spirit delivers daily. They often dismiss messages, signs, and communication because they were “looking” elsewhere.

There are four main psychic abilities (read more about those here) and most of us obtain at least one of them on some level.

You may be someone that can see spirit but can’t feel. Or perhaps you can feel but not hear. The list goes on and on my friends. And yes, I know that it was stronger when you were a kid. For those of us that felt these things as children it was very real and very strong but at some point, most of us are conditioned out of it. That being said, even if you wished it away 20 years ago you can still get it back…it’s not gone forever. Trust me, I tried to get rid of it many times before I accepted it.

You just have to realize that you might be receiving in different ways now than you used too or even differently than you want too. This is totally ok and still just as precious and valuable. If you’ve tried all of the exercises but you’re still not seeing spirit perhaps you’re not meant too; at least not at this time?

Why not take another route for receiving and allow your claircognizance to do the driving for a bit or even your clairaudience?

There are tons of exercises and practical application techniques on how to do all of this within the Intuitive Development and Progression Course. You can learn about how the four psychic clairs work on a deeper level and how you can use energy to receive messages instead of just seeing or hearing. If you do see and hear you can learn how to expand on that as well. It has everything you need to understand the intuitive abilities and more.

If you already know how to work with all four of the psychic abilities and you’re ready to start giving readings I’ve got just the thing! To learn how to get the specifics from spirit and what to do when they aren’t responding, check out Diving Deeper Into Mediumship Course.

This course helps guide you through things like what to do when you’re giving a reading and spirit won’t connect with you the way you’re used to connecting. For example, they are only coming through clairvoyantly and you’re not sure how to get a full message from them. There are also methods for giving group readings and more!

So there you have it guys there are tons of ways to connect with spirit. You can get messages without “seeing and hearing” and beyond asking for signs and using tools. You can do it yourself you just need to understand how it works at different levels and allow yourself to access those beautiful divine messages from source energy!

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