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Top 5 Things Mediums Need To Know | What All Psychics Need To Learn

5 Things Mediums And Psychics Need To Know

When I was starting down the path of mediumship and spirituality I had such an abundance of questions that even thinking about all I had to learn would get overwhelming! That is why today I am going to give you the 5 basic things all developing mediums, intuitives, energy sensitives, and empaths need to know! After that, I am even going to help you implement them!

1. Mediumship is not for entertainment, it’s for healing.

All of this work that we do has to do with soul growth and emotional healing. If you have been experiencing the signs of awakening then you probably already know that usually (not always) there is a trigger that causes this great shake-up. These events are usually traumatic or are some type of life-changing event.

Situations that stimulate our awakening happen for us to show us who we are, what needs to be healed, and how we are ultimately and unconditionally supported. When you start accepting your natural born ability to connect with the divine you see magic and feel love ev-er-y-where – everywhere.

Mediumship is sacred, and it is for healing please remember this before all else.

It is for healing yourself FIRST then others should you choose to take that path. You are a light and will naturally attract those that are in need your natural healing aura, but you don’t have to give mediumship readings if you don’t want to. That said…if you do want to, you’re going to need to do your own healing first (and consistently along the way).

2. You’re going to need to raise your vibration!

Raising your vibration is necessary for connecting with those in the light aka the divine spirits that love and support us. For you to communicate with them they essentially have to lower their vibration, and we have to raise ours so that we can work as a team and meet in the middle…ya know vibrationally speaking.

Raising your vibration is about self-disciple with your words, thoughts, and actions. It’s about living a positive and spiritual life. Raising your vibrational frequency is about allowing yourself to feel those human emotions but learning how to see the lesson in every situation and then seeing every lesson as a blessin’!

You can learn more about what it means to raise your vibration and how to do it below.

3. You’re gonna have to meditate!

Suck it up buttercup! Listen, I’ve heard it all: “I can’t meditate.” “I don’t know how to meditate.” “I fall asleep every time.”

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

Meditation is indeed a practice which is why it’s called just that. The honest truth is that meditation guides you to slow down, to become self-aware, and to become aware of the space around you. Meditation teaches you to make space for spirit and your own internal wisdom to come in which is what you are striving for in your mediumship connections.

Meditation also has some fantastic benefits like

  1. Feelings of total bliss or a natural high

  2. Clarity

  3. Lessens stress

  4. Helps heal depression

  5. Helps you to stay centered and balanced

  6. Strengthens the physical body and immune system

  7. And the list goes onnnnnnn

These articles and resources will help you start building a consistent and effective meditation practice.

4. Patience.

You’re going to need a lot of it – in fact, it’s probably a big life lesson that is going to be revealed to you quickly! I’ve written so many articles on why we need patience when developing our intuition and why spirit does this for us, but I’ll just link a couple below!

5. You’ve got to put the work in and make sure it’s the right type of work!

You’re going to have to figure out what your strongest “clair” is so that you can start focusing on flexing those muscles using the right exercises. You couldn’t do bicep curls to get a bigger booty, would you? No, because it’s the wrong exercise for the wrong muscle group!

This is the one thing that people come to me with all the time, and it’s the way that we start actually making progress together!

I put together a free and super fun quiz for you to figure out what your strongest clair is! This way you can actually start making some progress. Yay, you! The even cooler thing is that once you find out your clair, I am going to send you a video course customized for your strongest gift there is no catch…it’s free.

There is genuinely some fantastic content in these videos that I know will serve everyone who watches them. You’re even going to get a video on empath and energy protection which I honestly think every human on this planet needs!

Here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Click the link below to take the assessment

  2. Have fun

  3. Enjoy the training.

If you read this article and you’re super pumped to get started and want to know all about:

  1. How to manage your gifts

  2. Developing all four of the clair-abilities

  3. How to do automatic writing

  4. Working with your spirit guides

  5. Psychic and empathic protection techniques and more

then you’re going to want to join me and hundreds of others in the Intuitive Development And Progression Course!

And as always don’t forget to meet us in the Facebook Group!

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