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To tap into your intuition you just need to learn to stop the noise. 

To tap into your intuition you just need to learn to stop the noise. 

Can I be straight with you for a second? If you want to get those little nudges from the universe, you’re going to have to stop the noise or it will never happen consistently. The noise is your unsupportive thoughts, outsiders, obligations, anything that is weighing on you mentally. We have to make space for our intuition. We have to accept it and be willing to follow it because the more we trust, the more we are given, but with all this “noise” around you, how can you hear the guidance you desire? It’s up to you if you want this to work or not. 

This is what I said to a potential new client and honestly, it was a scary moment because she could have turned away and said “you’re not the coach for me,” but instead we both got clear on what she needed. As it turns out, she is my soulmate client and I, her soulmate coach

Here is what she said!

“I don’t need to become a medium. I am already confident in my role and what I am doing with my life. I’m stable, I’m secure – overall, I am generally happy. Anything I don’t yet have, I know I can make it happen. I’m driven and I know how to manifest I guess? Something is missing though. What I need is to be able to tune into answers that I need and the next steps I need to take. I need to learn to trust myself even more than I ever have because something is pulling at me. I don’t know what it is, but I can feel it as if it’s just beyond my reach. I can feel it, but I don’t know what “it” is. I just know I feel like something is missing and I’m on this journey to uncover something magical. I know that sounds silly, but I can feel it with every bone in my body. So no, I don’t need to become a professional medium per se, but I need to know how to get my own guidance. I need to learn to access and trust my intuitive side.I need to know when I am in flow or how to get in that flow when I am out. I’ve got all you could ever want. What I don’t have I know I will get because I know my goals and I always reach them, but what I am missing is something within me and I need your help to learn to access that. Would you be willing to take me on as a client?”

She didn’t know it at the time, but this client helped me get incredibly clear on what I have been trying to articulate to people for years:

You tap into your intuition for you and for your life’s path. Once you access that guidance, the path of life becomes magical and much more expansive than you ever thought possible. 

She signed up for my Rise Then Shine Coaching package. This woman knew where she was headed and she knew where she was starting from. She had experienced plenty of intuitive hits – she had just known things her whole life, she had many feelings of not being alone yet didn’t know how to pull down the curtain to “see” who was there.  

She has a life she is comfortable with, but felt so deeply something was missing. It wasn’t something she could put her finger on, yet her body was pulling her towards finding her “truth,” so she knew she had to go deeper. 

  1. I am getting her there by teaching her how her intuition shows up moment by moment and day by day. 

  2. I am teaching her when her spirit guides are around and how to meet and work with them. 

  3. I am teaching her to rediscover what makes her soul sing by teaching her to actually communicate with her soul. 

She didn’t set out with the intention to become a medium – she set out to learn to get her own guidance because she knows the importance of that in all areas of her life. 

She is an inspiration to me and pressed me on the results she could expect because she doesn’t have time to just play around with her investments. She wants tangible results and I respect it. 

  1. She can expect more inner peace 

  2. To learn more supportive boundaries in work, life, relationships, and energetically. 

  3. She will find more confidence in herself once she is connecting more deeply with her higher self. She won’t apologize for who she is or what she desires ever again. 

  4. She will be able to connect with her spirit guides and higher self. 

  5. She will have trust in herself and her next steps. 

  6. She will have a faith like she has never known before and the results to back it up. 

She’s a lot like you, you know? She just wants to expand right now. It’s what her soul is calling her to do. My new client is set up in the physical world and is ready to access her inner world – then watch the two beautifully blend together. 

She signed up for this package because she knows her worth and knows that investing in herself is an investment in her life overall. She inspired me to share this with you because I think there is a lot of her in all of us. 

October is when the veil thins and spirit is much easier to access. Our intuition is heightened and it’s the perfect time to tap in. I’ve had people accessing their spirit guides like crazy this month. You can too! 

You can sign up for Rise Then Shine here. It includes the optimal amount of coaching calls for all mentioned above, my best courses, and a 2-hour transformational session for healing and deep soul access. 

Oh and P.S. Here are some Halloween articles I know you will love this month! 

Talk soon! 


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