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Three Journaling Techniques To Manifest A Life You Love!

Journal Your Way To A Life You Love!

Is it really possible to journal your way to a life you love? I say yes because…I’ve done it!

Journaling can help us to get clear on our feelings, our desires, our needs, and more. Deep journaling with reflection can help us heal and see situations in our lives through fresh lenses. Sometimes, when we actually SEE things on paper the answers become much clearer to us!

Today I am going to provide you with not one but THREE journaling techniques to help you to manifest a life you absolutely love!

Before each and every journaling exercise I encourage you to

(follow the links above to learn how to do all three)

Once you have done your mini-meditation take a deep breathe and begin to write. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or anything else. Allow your subconscious to take control here. This is a type of automatic writing. When you get out of your own way your higher-self and subconscious mind can come through to tell you what you’re truly feeling and what really needs to be focused on.

For more on Automatic writing, check out this article or for a full workshop check out The Spirited Life!

Journaling Technique #1

Get To Know Yourself Through Journaling!

In the Sacred Self-Healing Course, we do quite a bit of journaling to get clear on what we need and what we get to work on!

The first exercise is about re-writing your old stories. This means getting clear on the patterns you’ve had show up throughout your life. It means seeing where you’re placing blame on yourself and others and then seeing how you can shift it.

When you journal you’re in a safe space with no judgment! In other words, don’t worry about who you’re critiquing or if you’re angry, sad, or upset.

The entire purpose of this type of journaling is to allow whatever needs to to come up so that you can read back over it and see where you need to place focus. Once you can laser your focus the healing process can begin!

Here’s How You Do It!

  1. Ground, Clear, Protect, Connect (as mentioned above)

  2. Take a deep breath

  3. Write at the top of your paper “The most authentic part of myself knows that…”

  4. And then let it flow!

  5. Write down ANYTHING that comes up…anything

  6. Keep flowing with the writing until you have nothing left

  7. Breathe

  8. Re-read what came through!

  9. Sit with it for a few moments

  10. Realize where you’re stuck

  11. Realize where you’re growing

  12. See what needs to be worked on

  13. Notice what you’ve been allowing to hold you back.

To heal, begin to re-write those stories and create a blueprint for your life that you LOVE!

Not sure how to rewrite stories or what a blueprint is and how to create one? Journey with me in The Sacred Self-Healing Course to learn to do this and much more!

Journaling Technique #2

Manifesting Your Desires Though Journaling!

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to manifest a life you love through the Law Of Attraction! In my opinion, if you’re truly trying to manifest then journaling should be a part of your routine!

The reason it works is that it puts us into the moment – into the feeling. When we are trying to manifest we need to ask for what we want and believe that we can have it but there is another step. We also have to be extremely clear on exactly what we want and how it will FEEL to obtain it!

The Manifesting Ritual I Used To Leave My Corporate Job! 

  1. First I would ground, clear, and protect.

  2. I would say all the things I was thankful for.

  3. I would journal. Writing about what I wanted my day to look like start to finish. I was specific and even broke it down into time slots.

  4. When it came to my career I was very open-ended about what it was that I would be doing. Instead of a specific job title, I had a list if things that I wanted my new career to include and that was all. The rest I left up to the universe.

  5. Then I would read back over everything that I had written and visualized myself walking through that perfect day.

  6. At the end, I would kiss the page (sounds silly but what is a little extra love going to hurt?)

  7. Next, I would look at my vision board for 5 minutes while reciting all of my affirmations.

  8. I would visualize alllll of the things I desired. The money, the career, the happiness, the closeness with my family.

  9. I would then envision it going up up and up in a purple balloon. This balloon would go alllllll the way up to Source. I would watch it explode into purple glitter and fall back down to me. (symbolic of detaching from the idea and having it come back to me)

  10. Then I would thank the universe and sit there in that feeling for a few minutes.

For more on journaling, your way to an abundant life check out the full write-up here!

Journaling Technique #3

Use Journaling As An Intuitive Tool!

Just as mentioned above when we journal we can allow different aspects of ourselves to step forward.

This channeling technique is known as Automatic Writing and it is a fantastic tool for allowing spirit messages to come through. When we use automatic writing to connect to our guides, loved ones, and spirit team we can eliminate doubt by seeing the messages right there in front of us.

A great way to tell if it’s spirit and not you is by the verbiage used (if it doesn’t sound like you) and if things come through that you are surprised about!

How To Do Automatic Writing!

  1. First, find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted

  2. Do a quick meditation…

  3. sit up tall and inhale to the count of 4 and exhale to the count of 4 and repeat until you no longer feel the need to count.

  4. clear your mind

  5. stay mindful of your breath

  6. ask your higher-self to come forward and specify that you only accept those that are here for your best and highest.

  7. When you feel relaxed and ready – open your eyes.

  8. Grab a pen and a notebook.

  9. write down two things that you would like clarity on

  10. Just start to write and RELAX.

  11. Just let the words flow out of you and don’t think about what you’re writing. Do this for 5-10 minutes and DON”T worry about punctuation or if it makes sense. 

  12. DON’T stop to read what you’ve written…just keep going.

  13. When you’ve written for 5-10 minutes go back and read what you wrote. Did you get clarity…even a little bit on what you asked about in the beginning? Does it sound like you? Does it sound super loving? Are these things you would normally say to yourself or a friend? If it’s more loving than you generally treat yourself or your questions were answered…even in the slightest way or it sounds a bit like someone else….well congrats! You just connected with spirit!

That is just the basics of it! I have a full workshop on how to do automatic writing both within The Spirited Life and in the Intuitive Development Course!

I hope these techniques help you to come closer to yourself, your team, and a life that you are truly in love with!

Happy journaling,


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