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Third-Eye Workshop All About The Pineal Gland! | Facebook Live

Third-Eye Workshop! All About The Pineal Gland!

In this workshop, we talk about what the third-eye is as a chakra and part of the physical body! The video below also explains how the third eye becomes blocked. You will also learn how to unblock the pineal gland to enhance your spiritual practice!

The third-eye or pineal gland is an actual gland located in the center of your brain.

A t.v. takes frequencies and changes them into moving images and this is exactly how your third eye works as well! We can use the pineal gland to enhance our intuition, expand our clairvoyance, and move beyond the physical into the spiritual!

The Facebook Live video below is a full workshop on the third-eye and how to work with it!

The courses mentioned in the video are listed below for your convenience!

Third-Eye support and Courses!

  1. Learn all about the chakra system in a physical and spiritual manner through Chakras 101! 

  2. My most popular course that covers all things empath, intuition, and spiritual understanding is The Intuitive Development Course! It contains over 22 videos and is entirely self-paced. Once enrolled you have lifetime access!

  3. The Collective Growth Experience is your chance to move beyond your own limitations into a new and exciting life! You will learn to decode your path and move towards your purpose!

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