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The Third Eye – Why It Gets Blocked

“What is the pineal glad, how does it get blocked, and why do I need to unblock it?”

Start researching how to develop your intuitive abilities and one of the first things to pop up will likely be about the third eye chakra. Specifically the decalcification and clearing of it. The chakra system is made up of the energetic centers within the body. These centers correspond to organs, health, the natural world, and spirituality. The interesting thing about the third eye chakra is that it’s not just another energy center, it’s an actual gland located in our body.

The purpose of the pineal gland

The pineal gland supports the vision, the brain, and our perception of reality. Thus, why it is commonly called the third eye. While it does correspond directly to the physical body it also is an imperative tool for our psychic development.

Clearing the third eye allows for clearer psychic visions and stronger clairvoyance. This is how people start to see figures, lights, orbs, and spirit in general. As you know from this article, clairvoyance isn’t just about seeing spirit. It’s also about seeing through illusion, seeing truths, and seeing situations more clearly. For these reasons, the third eye is essential for everyday life…even if you’re not working to develop your psychic abilities. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to see all perspectives and situations with more clarity?

While it is important to balance all of the chakras, the pineal gland is exceptionally important no matter which way you look at it!

“What do you mean by blocked?”

The pineal gland can quite literally become blocked and I’m not just talking energetically here! The gland is located in between the two hemispheres of the brain and sits right in the middle. Ya know, in between the brows where you might have room for a third eye?

This gland can become calcified over time by the foods we eat, the chemicals in our medicines, and even by the water we drink! How’s that for motivation to change your lifestyle? Ha! Just as your arteries can become blocked and calcified so too can this gland! They can even see blockages in a brain scan!

Things That Block The Third Eye Chakra


Floride is the main culprit for third eye blockage. It is the most common chemical to be attracted to that part of our brain. Fluoride can be found in toothpaste, foods, mouthwash, and even in the water, we drink. It’s good for our teeth but bad for pretty much everything else.

I am not one of those people who is going to preach to you about using fluoride toothpaste. Nor am I telling you to go get in a heated argument with your dentist. I myself use a toothpaste with fluoride about 50% of the time. I do however recommend filtering your water and limiting your exposure to fluoride if you can.


If you’re old enough to be reading this blog then chances are you’ve had or seen someone who has a silver filling or two in their mouth. These are made with up to 50% mercury…this is not good for you no matter how you look at it.

Mercury has been linked to all kinds of health disorders – cancer included. I have had “the talk” with my dentist about these and he agrees that they were unhealthy. He says that most dentists are now removing the old fillings and replacing them with the healthier alternative.

Mercury is also found heavily in certain types of fish. It is in certain vaccines and medications as well.

Again, I’m not giving you medical advice here…just telling you to do a bit of research to see exactly what is going in your body. I’m a firm believer of if you don’t know then ask. I do get my son many of the recommended vaccinations but I always do my research first then back it up with 100 questions for the doctor. Sorry, doc!

Over-doing the supplements.

Overdoing anything is bad. We know that and it’s why we practice balance, right?

Well, calcium is an important factor in bone health, the clotting of the blood, and more. Just like all good things though we can get too much calcium. Calcium calcifies the pineal gland and should be taken in moderation.

Energetic blockage

Of course, just like with anything else we can energetically block the third eye charka/pineal gland. Below is how we subconsciously block our third-eye chakra.

  1. Seeing spirit and being extremely frightened

  2. Witnessing trauma and subconsciously choosing not to “see”

  3. Choosing not to “see” the things in people or situations that you don’t want to see

  4. Looking the other way

  5. Denying your gifts

Now that you’re educated on why and how the third eye gets blocked let’s talk about how to unblock it in part 2!

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