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The Importance Of Balance. 10 Ways to Tell If You’re Unbalanced.

Life is like a balancing act and can sometimes feel like we are walking on a tightrope, wondering if there is still netting below us. We balance work, play, family, and even our bank accounts. There are bright summer days and there are cold winter nights. Everything has to have a balance to it and so does your connection to spirit.

In the beginning of your spiritual development, you may be tempted to put all or most of your energy toward your new found spirituality. Why wouldn’t you? After all, being spiritually awake is quite blissful! Starting to understand the feelings you’ve had your entire life, starting to see sparkles in the air, and noticing all of the synchronicities is magical!

However, when you’re constantly focused on your spirituality you’re going to get tired and burnt out quick! After a rough workout, you’re going to need to rest right? You might go get a smoothie and eat a protein packed meal, same deal here….kinda.

A good lesson to remember here is you ARE a spirit you HAVE a body.

While meditating and connecting to our spirit guides is amazing and important, so too is remembering the connection that you have here on the physical plane. For the longest time I didn’t really understand what grounding was for and now because of the explanation above I do! Our spirit can channel energy from above but our body is stuck here on Earth. We need to make sure that both aspects of ourselves are being filled up and supported.

Here are a few ways you can tell if you’re out of balance

  1. All of your conversations are about your spirituality.

  2. You’re meditating and connecting with spirit around the clock.

  3. You feel depleted for no real reason.

  4. You’ve recently had a spiritual awakening and now you’re feeling a bit out of it.

  5. You feel flighty and ungrounded.

  6. You’re being a bit pushy with your beliefs on people who are not ready to embark on their own spiritual journey.

  7. You feel disconnected with everyone around you unless they too are on the exact same path as you.

  8. It’s hard for you to connect to even the ones you love unconditionally.

  9. You stop caring about most physical world responsibilities.

  10. Every book you read and every show you watch is focused on the spirit realm.

You’re not alone here, don’t worry! I would say that most of us go through this in the beginning stages and why wouldn’t we? It’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s the unknown! Above all it’s beautiful! While some of the things mentioned above are also signs of a spiritual awakening that will be an article for another day.

One of the problems with not being balanced is it can start to affect our daily lives! Perhaps your spouse has been playing it cool but they really would rather talk about something besides your new found intuitive abilities. That’s ok, it does not mean they don’t love you or that they don’t believe in you! It just means that they want to talk about other things and that it totally ok…and normal!

Want to get back in balance? Here are a few things you can do!

  1. Schedule out time in your day for spiritual development. You could take a course or work with a mentor. This is super helpful when you keep going down a spiritual rabbit hole of information. You know the one where you start 4 different books, read an article and before you know it you’ve found something else you want to explore? Been there, done that!

  2. Get physical! Go for a walk, a swim, or play outside with the kids! Not only is this grounding but it also establishes that physical body connection.

  3. Do something analytical and then go meditate! When I was in the corporate world I would use my lunch break to go meditate. Let me tell ya, it worked wonders! The analytics of the job challenged my brain but drained me just the same. Taking a break to meditate filled me back up while raising my vibration and my energy!

  4. Find groups where you can talk about your spirituality, growth, and development! Saving the experiences and talks for them is sure to be more fulfilling than pushing it on your spouse who is really just trying to act interested. By the way, don’t be upset if your spouse doesn’t get it! We are all on our own spiritual journey and the timing is different for each person!

One last thing before you go, you can still live a spiritual life around the clock without getting out of balance! What I mean is, you can still live from your heart. You can still pay attention to your words, thoughts, and actions. Living a spiritually centered life is not the same as living a life constantly connected to spirit!

If you need help learning how to balance your spiritual life and your physical life. I am here to help!

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