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The Heart Chakra. How It Can Benefit You and How It Hinders You!

The Heart Chakra. How It Can Benefit You and How It Hinders You!

The heart chakra is supposed to bring about peace, presence, and balance. This makes sense energetically as it is located in the center of the chakra system – the fourth down and the fourth up. Our heart is what connects our physical bodies to our emotional experiences. The heart should be balanced always as to not be too open or too shut. This idea of a balanced heart, a healthy heart, is easier said than done. The heart chakra can both benefit you and hinder you if you’re not careful.

The heart chakra helps us to heal and it allows us to empathize with others. When we are empathic to others we can be a channel of healing for them as well. When the heart chakra is blocked or closed we have a hard time supporting others yet when it is too open we tend to not care for ourselves deeply enough.

The heart chakra is the very definition of “as above so below”. It renders Balance – Presence – Mind and body connection. However you choose to look at it, the heart ends up in the very middle of everything we do. Because of this it sometimes needs a little maintenance.

When Your Heart Chakra Is Blocked…

  1. You might feel numb

  2. You can feel isolated or purposely isolate yourself from others

  3. People might start telling you that you have “shut down”

  4. You retreat

  5. You experience bouts of anger, frustration, and fear for no reason

  6. It becomes hard for you to express your emotions

  7. You might even stop feeling emotions

When Your Heart Chakra Is Too Open…

  1. You often tolerate way too much from others and become a type of “doormat”

  2. Your self-worth might be lacking

  3. You overexert yourself for others and you leave yourself completely drained

  4. Empathic abilities get way too out of control

  5. You may become codependent

  6. You act as a people pleaser or say yes to things that don’t serve you.

  7. You will likely lack boundaries for those around you allowing them to take advantage of your or treat you as if you’re unworthy of love and acceptance.

Having an over or underactive heart chakra can also cause physical symptoms like chest pain, breathing issues, deep depressive anxiety, and feelings of complete despair.

When your heart chakra is balanced however it can show you the true beauty of life. You start to forgive others, you remember your self-worth, you put your needs first so that you truly can assist others and feel good about doing it!

The heart chakra teaches us that love is the most powerful thing in the universe.

Balancing your heart chakra will allow you to receive the love that you so need and desire. It will allow you to see that we are all in this together. You, me, the trees, the birds – an open heart chakra allows you to see that we are all one. Each of us a cell of the body we call earth.

Healing your heart chakra benefits you by allowing you to live in the present. It helps you to feel, and to see through the eyes of your authentic and divine self.

Your heart chakra helps you to maintain balance in all areas of your life and allows you to be a true expression of who you came here to be.

Standing in your power, loving yourself, and putting yourself first is not selfish, it’s a gift to those around you. When you stop and take time for you, when you teach others how to treat you, you are helping them to find themselves as well.

Live a heart-centered life and you will see life respond in a way that benefits the heart.

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