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The Dark Side Of Spiritual Awakening | Truth About Spirituality

Spirituality is about becoming more connected to the self and to all that is. It is completely beautiful and magical to experience the oneness and magic around you that a spiritual connection brings. The question is though, how do we get to that point? How do we become more spiritual and what is the ride down that spiritual path really like?

There is a dark side to spiritual awakenings and to be frank, most of the time, it’s messy. The road to uncovering your spiritual self is generally pretty bumpy, full of thick mud pits, and there are many roadblocks. I will not sit here and lie to you pretending that I am an enlightened guru with a perfect life. I will not tell you that spirituality is perfect and beautiful all the time. It’s not.

Spirituality becomes beautiful once you realize that the journey is what you make it. Once you accept yourself, others, and your experiences for who and what they are.

Becoming more spiritual means that you have to be able to look at yourself, other people, and situations with little to no bias. Spirituality teaches us to love those who have hurt us the most. It teaches us to see the lessons in every wound before it can be healed.

That doesn’t quite paint a perfect picture of zen vibes, does it? How are we supposed to love those who have hurt us, manipulated us, and abused us? How can we be grateful for financial despair or losing those that we loved the most? Isn’t spirituality supposed to be calming and make you happier?

A lot of people don’t know this but what usually triggers a spiritual awakening is a life-changing or traumatic event. These eventful seasons in our lives often send us into a spiral, sometimes upward sometimes downward. We then start to look at life from a different perspective and often times this leads to a bit of a spiritual treasure hunt.

We start seeking answers, knowing that there must be a reason for all that is happening. New sensations may show up such as hearing, feeling, and seeing more. Finally, we begin to accept the idea that maybe there is more to this experience than what meets the eye. Again we search for answers.

When we start to awaken we often feel entirely disconnected from those around us as if we are peeling away from our old lives. It is a beautiful, confusing, and painful time all at once.

What is actually happening is that our soul is waking up and it’s looking to unbury who we truly are. How can we unbury our authentic selves without unburying the aspects of ourselves that we dislike the most? How can we heal aspects of ourselves without first acknowledging the wounds?

Becoming spiritually awake is not for the faint of heart but it will grow your heart by leaps and bounds. Waking up means looking at everything in and around you. You must look at yourself, your life, and those in your life. You have to stare deeply into the situations appearing before you. This is when the healing beings and the transformation starts.

We are told that meditation will give us the answers. That meditation can heal the mind and the physical body. Meditation is said to be the ultimate medication. It works for us on all levels. Mind, body, and spirit.

When I first started meditating I didn’t get much, just a few colors and a few words. I would leave the session more relaxed but nothing extravagant was happening. Eventually, a breakthrough happened and I started seeing memories I had repressed. I was shown things I didn’t want to see about myself and others. No one told me that I could expect such a thing. I had to go back and relive the moments that hurt me the most in these meditations.

Spirit takes us on a journey when we are uncovering our spiritual side. It doesn’t take us down this path to hurt or harm us but instead to heal us and help us to become whole again.

I would go on these journeys through time having to relive even the smallest moments that hurt or angered me. Sometimes I wanted to give up and shut it all down but something inside of me said keep going.

Instead of running from what I was being shown I decided to observe it. I decided to accept those moments and venture into them. I would send love to both myself and whomever else was in the memory. I realized that had to quit running if I ever wanted to heal.

You would think that during this process I would have become more negative, sad, and depressed than before. Actually, though, the opposite happened. My relationships with those that I “hated” seemed to get better or just fade away. Certain people or the words they spoke didn’t bother me so much anymore if even at all.

Things started to get better and I was finally able to experience that spiritual high so many people talked about. I could appreciate the flowers, I could appreciate people that used to be triggers, and I could appreciate my experiences. Most importantly I could appreciate myself.

We have to remember that raising our vibration doesn’t mean just living a positive life and thinking happy thoughts. Trying to think and act positively all the time takes a lot of work if you’re still broken inside. You have to return to your authentic self in order to align your vibration with that of a truly spiritual experience. To return to your authentic self you have to heal all of the wounds you wish not to see.

The road to becoming more spiritual is a messy one. A bumpy one. One full of roadblocks. But the journey is beautiful and the landscape is breathtaking.

Are you awakening and you’re confused about what is going on right now? I am happy to help ease the process with you and coach you through what you can expect! Let’s work together one on one to help you have the smoothest and most beautiful spiritual awakening possible!

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