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The Best Place To Have A Spiritual Connection. Where Is The Veil The Thinnest?

Throughout life, we experience spiritual moments and unexplainable snippets of time where we feel connected to something greater and grander than ourselves. Though a spiritual connection can happen anywhere there are some places that make it a bit easier than others.

Here is a list of the best places to connect to spirit, where the veil is the thinnest, and why!

Connect Spiritually Next To Large Bodies Of Water

There is something to be said about standing at the water’s edge and breathing in its serenity. Even a nonspiritual person can tell you that a lonesome walk on the beach in the early morning light can be quite the spiritual experience.

There are a couple of reasons as to why the waters edge and the water itself pull us in such a strong way.

Water is a conduit of energy! Since spirit is energy and YOU are energy then scientifically it makes sense that water would elevate that connection.

Another reason land and water make such great spots for spiritual connections is that it is basically two worlds merging as one. Think about it, life on land is entirely different than life below water. You have two worlds merging, connecting, and intertwining at once. This is exactly what you are doing when you connect to spirit from this physical place of being.

The Forest Is A Great Place To Connect With Spirit!

The forest is full of life both seen and unseen. It is full of trees that wish to speak with us, nature spirits, and of course, the creatures frolicking above. Again it’s like an entirely different world; a wonderous and magical place.

It’s undisturbed, raw, and natural. The forest is grounding. The consciousness and wisdom that it holds are vast. There is just as much living and thriving below the surface as there is above. Again, two worlds merging as one. As above so below.

We are creatures of this earth and nature is believe it or not our natural habitat. Nature helps to ground us and elevate our vibration; these two things are exactly what we need for a strong connection to spirit!

The Veil Is Very Thin On Mountain Tops

There is something so powerful and so majestic about a mountain. The rock formations, the life that grows upon it, and the curiosity of what lies beneath.

Mountains are mysterious and wild. They are serene and beautiful. Mountains are magical and have lead people on many a spiritual journey. Within them caves, caverns, rivers, and streams. They are often unventured and unseen worlds.

The elevation brings you closer to Source energy. The Earth beneath you grounds you and the solitude allows for the utmost beautiful spiritual connections.

All of these locations are in nature and are untamed. Aside from this, the one thing that these locations have in common is oneness.

These places beacon us spiritually because they are our true home. When we enter their space we are no longer separate from them but a part of them. We experience peace and serenity in their presence. We are able to let go because we can feel at one with all that is. This is where the true spiritual connection lies.

These places remind us that we are not separate from each other. We are instead one big giant consciousness each reflecting another aspect of ourselves for others to see.

Each of us is a cell straight from Source and so we are all in some way a part of the much bigger picture. When we go into the forest or climb upon a mountain we are a cell of that living and breathing space. We return to oneness and so our connection is vastly opened.

Connect with yourself and spirit where two worlds that are a part of one bigger world, meet as one.

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