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Synchronicity Definition and Signs

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by, I just want to tell y’all BIG things are in the works so keep an eye out! If you haven’t subscribed yet, now is the time to do so….trust me! Something HUGE is happening next month, it’s hard to contain my excitement!

Seriously, so many awesome happenings have been well…happening. I felt an energy change a few weeks ago and thought “oh it’s just me,” turns out it’s not at all and most of us sensitives have been feeling it! I have been purging old issues and enjoying the peace I’ve been feeling within. My gift’s have really revved up and the amount of synchronicities in my life lately has been uncharted.  That is actually what today’s article is going to be about.


In the spiritual community a synchronicity is a MAJOR sign from the universe; it lets us know “they” are listening. If you’re seeing any of the following signs you can rest assured your team is looking out for you!

Synchronistic Signs

  1. Repeating numbers…1111, 2222, 8888, etc.

  2. I don’t know the meaning to every number I just know it’s a sign from the universe! If you want a great explanation, Donna over at can give you all the information you need. She has many great articles about angel numbers!

  3. Seeing or hearing the same words or groups of words.

  4. If this is happening PAY ATTENTION! Spirit could be trying to tell you something!

  5. You’re thinking of a song and it comes on or you’re thinking of someone and you bump into them.

  6. This could actually be more than a synchronicity and may mean you have a gift you’re unaware of!

  7. Seeing repeating signs and symbols.

  8.  Lately I have been finding feathers EVERYWHERE!! Even in my house…this is a sure sign from spirit!

  9. Yesterday I had a BEAUTIFUL white bird fly in front of my car, three miles down the road the same kind of bird. I meditated on it and heard that it was an Egret, turns out these birds are GREAT spiritual messengers.

Above are the most common and obvious ways to see the synchronicity happening around you, but there is an even bigger kind that you may need to be a little more tuned in to catch.

Making the connection!

So as I mentioned before all kinds of synchronicities have been happening up in here! It’s just a matter of paying attention. I’ve been feeling/thinking things and then BAM! an hour later there is an article with the exact wording of my thoughts. My friend Emily and I have been thinking, saying, seeing, and feeling all sorts of the same things lately. It’s blowing both of our minds. I will be writing about Emily in another article because she is awesome and has helped me in so many ways!

About a month ago Emily told me about this podcast called Positive Heads; I’m going to be honest… I have like 3 podcasts that I struggle to catch up on so I was reluctant to start a new one. I was having a bad day a week later and she said “GO LISTEN TO POSITIVE HEADS” and thank God I did. It is awesome, if you haven’t checked it out…go do it. NOW! Sorry, that was a little bossy, but please check them out. Here is the link.

Anyway, they talk about being positive (which y’all know I am all about!) and they talk about synchronicities. I usually scroll through without looking and tap on the one that “feels right” and EVERY SINGLE TIME it resonates with me and what is happening at that current moment. I am not kidding; I’ve never been so blown away by the amount of synchronicities in such a short time period.

So now that I am a total fan girl, I decided to send the show an email thanking them for what they do and spreading positive vibes. I got a wonderful email back from Brandon the host of the show asking about my readings and I was psyched the rest of the day!

Today while listening to another show of Positive Head’s, I hear Brandon mention he lived in Virginia, so I decided to ask what part. Guess what y’all…HE IS FROM MY HOME TOWN!

WHAT? IS THIS REAL LIFE? My mind was totally blown.

Things like this have been happening constantly for the past few months and even if you’re a non-believer you have to admit…that’s a whole lot of “coincidence.”  By the way … I don’t think anything is coincidence.

You can expect to see more articles on synchronicity and signs from spirit in the coming weeks! Be on the lookout!

Have a FANTASTIC day my friend’s!

Love and Light,


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