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Spiritual High, Where Did Mine Go?

Where did my spiritual high go?

If you’ve been doing spiritual work for a while now and you’ve experienced that spiritual high of awakening you’re going to want to read this article to its finish.

Awakening spiritually isn’t always an easy process and it shouldn’t be. There are boulders to break through, mountains to climb, and truths that get to be revealed. To discover the true beauty of who you are and why you’re here you have to accept and fall in love with the shadow parts of yourself . Once you have done the sacred self-healing on the other side of the fence is bliss. Pure, beautiful, bliss that leaves you feeling like you’re constantly walking on rainbows. You start to see magic everywhere, in everything, and in everyone. Nothing can break you and nothing can bring you down. You are woke and you ain’t never goin’ back!

It’s true, once you experience the bliss of awakening you can never go back to those negative and low vibrations without feeling it to your core. Once you live in such a high vibration anything less can leave you feeling well, depressed.

Unfortunately, we can’t ride that blissful wave forever because we are living a human experience. This means that while we do get to touch the clouds, we can’t live on them. It just wouldn’t be feasible. There are people and conditions all around us that modify our life experiences daily.

  1. What changes once you’ve awakened is that you can now catch your vibe slipping.

  2. You can sense when someone’s energy does not mesh with yours.

  3. It’s easier to pull yourself up and out of those darker places and move those emotions through you. (Learn how to move stuck emotions and energy through you here)

So why do we get to experience the bliss if it only lasts a few weeks, months, or a year?

We experience it to know its beauty. We experience it to know we can go back there and visit at any time. We experience it to find compassion for ourselves, for others, and for the world.

It’s beautiful but when you start to “even out” as I say it can make you wonder if something is wrong with you. Are you suddenly depressed? What happened to all those good vibes and constant positive thoughts?

It can feel like you’re depressed because in a sense your soul went home. Back to that feeling of unconditional love for each and every being, no matter their stature, nature, or disposition. But we have to remember that we are here to have human experiences and to remember who we truly are. We came here to grow spiritually! Without the contrast, we wouldn’t grow and to be honest we would probably get bored. Uncertainty is one of the basic human needs after all.

So next time you’re wondering where your magic carpet ride of blissful-spiritual-rainbow energy went, remind yourself that you’re just evening out. This is your new norm!

Just like a relationship, in the beginning, it’s all butterflies and kisses. A few months later you still love that person even more than before but the initial effects have worn off. You guys are in love and have found your groove.

You’re not going backward or slipping into a negative vibe, you’re just evening out. Do some meditating, get out in nature, or watch a self-help documentary. Do something kind for someone else or even connect with your spirit guides. Give it some time and attention and you will surely feel it again!

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