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Spiritual Cities and Communities! The Top 25 New Age Cities In The United States.

The Top 25 New Age Cities – These Entire Communities Celebrate Self Care

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit jealous of anyone who lives in one of the cities featured on this latest ranking of the Top 25 New Age Cities from Living in such harmonic spaces near natural energies such as ley lines and starry, starry skies is the absolute dream. What a place to be during stressful times. I can only imagine. Not only are these cities beautiful homes to natural retreats, they attract people who come together with a loving spirit and true kindness.

Working together to soothe the mind and spirit.

One of the highlighting commonalities between all the cities featured is that they are focused on mind, body, and spiritual wellness. Holistic and alternative medicine are the norm. Forest bathing, reiki experiences, wilderness retreats, and intimacy immersion are all examples of the practices the residents of these places not only host, but actively participate in.

Tame fears with practices like meditation.

Each of the cities on this list attract individuals from every walk of life: Buddhist, Catholic, Athiest, Hinduism, honestly it just really doesn’t matter. Whether prayer mantra’s, simple moments of silence or yoga are your jam, all of these qualify as types of meditative practices. The goal with meditation is peace and unity and harmony and oneness and these places attract exactly that.

How to get there

While traveling to one of these places might not be recommended right now, we can certainly celebrate how these communities have invited this atmosphere and ambiance of truth and harmony into their everyday.

So what can we do to build our own environment where we can feel centered, rejuvenated, and safe in our the world?

  1. First, look at your own practices of self-care. Are you opening yourself up to change and peace? Are you swimming in your fears? Cleanse your own energy and work on letting go of the things that are damaging to you.

  2. Take some time each day to connect with yourself, quietly. Really lean into where your thoughts and emotions are being sourced from and work to heal the places that hurt.

  3. Find moments to breathe in nature. One of the key factors in reconnecting your body is to get out in the world where other things are living. We share this planet with so many others and tapping into those connections between us and our environment are powerful.

Final Words

Of course, as with any ranking, knowing how it’s done can be helpful. We appreciate that this city ranking system counted concrete elements to help determine the score. This included yoga centers, meditation retreats, access to nature/parks, environmentally conscious movements, community unity projects, presence of certain kinds of shops and stores such as metaphysical, health foods, local boutiques, art galleries and others that support spiritual, holistic living and more.

To see their full ranking for other cities across America, you can check out the full infographic below or check out the full article: A Visual Ranking of the Top 25 Wanderlust-Inspiring New Age Cities for Spring

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