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Soul Contracts. What Are They?

Did you know you choose your parents?

What about your life events…even the bad ones? Yep, you choose those too! Did you know that we make contracts with the people in our lives before we ever come here? This may sound a little far fetched…it did to me at first too, but by the end of this post I hope it will make a little more sense to you.

I have read over and over again that we choose the people in our lives, even the most Negative of Nancy’s. I have also heard this in meditation and it has come up in readings, both given and received.

“This girl is off her rocker!”

Well, if you’re reading my articles chances are that you are interested in a little more insight on spiritual things, you want to call “bullshi*” on all of this “nonsense” and you’re just waiting for the appropriate time, or you’re trying to learn a little more and open your gifts up. Whatever your reason is for being here I assure you this post will give you some new ideas and maybe a new perspective.

First of all if you’re reading this congratulations! That means you’re on Earth which is a very special thing from what I understand. Apparently Earth was initially supposed to be like a vacation spot, it was supposed to be a complete paradise. On Earth you have freewill, there are landscapes, lessons and experiences that you don’t get to learn in other places. Souls on Earth are (from my understanding) here voluntarily. So again congrats.

Before our soul enters a body we kind of plan out the lessons we want to learn while we are here; we still have freewill but it’s kind of like a list of “to-do’s.” We even make contracts with people we will meet along the way and what their role in our life will be. We may pick out things like hard situations to teach us growth, people who teach us patience, and loss to teach us more love. Every individual picks their own life path.

“What did you say about picking our parents?”

Glad you asked! When we make our contracts we also make them with our parents and the kind of life and lessons we will get from them.

In my last post I wrote a little about my parents and because of our vast differences, I just really wondered how this theory could hold true. I love them don’t get me wrong, really I do, but good lort! My mom and I used to argue like cats and dogs…we’ve never really seen eye to eye on ANYTHING! Why would I pick anger, substance abuse, self hatred, and spending what were supposed to be “the best years of my life” semi-raising two little smelly kids who constantly broke my stuff and got me in trouble?(LOVE YOU SISTERS hehe) Why would I choose a life like that for myself?

Lessons, that’s why.

Had I not had to help so much with those stinky little sisters (who by the way I couldn’t live without today) I don’t think I’d be half of the mom that I am today. I wasn’t scared at all when I had Baby-boo because I had already done it all (minus paying for diapers and formula). If anyone learned how to baby proof, it was me after a 4 year old sister ruined a painting that took two weeks and then painted my guitar and bedspread…the level of fury spewing from my being was uncharted. Anyways, they also taught me how to love and how to protect…because I would have done anything for them even on their most bratty of bratty days. To be honest, they saved me from myself.

As far back as I can remember in this life I have encountered substance abuse. Heroine has claimed many of my friends, drugs and alcohol have plagued my family, and I used to struggle with some issues as a teen. I now know that this is because a lot of my work with spirit has been focused around overdose victims, as a matter of fact…the reason I am practicing readings today is because of one of those spirits.

We even choose the bad situations that almost break us….

We were renovating our home, living back at my mother’s, money was tight, and when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, my dog was hit by a truck.  I screamed at the Universe asking “why, why now? I am doing everything you want…whyyy?” and do you know what I heard “it’s a test, it’s for growth, it’s up to you if she lives…” Do you know how angry that made me? WTF kind of test involves my dog getting hit in the head by a truck?

I’ll tell ya, a test that really shows you what you’re made of. It showed me my strength, it showed me how much love I had in my heart for her, and it showed me I even though I was ready to throw in the towel, I still had some fight left in me. We were in and out of the emergency vet everytime being told to “put her down”….I wasn’t having it. My family, my husband, everyone told me it wasn’t fair to keep her alive in that condition.

My sister gave me a huge gift during this time. She said “why don’t you try to use your gift to help the dog?”

“I don’t know” I said “I hadn’t thought about that, I guess I could try…”

So for three days I would lay my hands on her abdomen where she had an internal bleed and I just sent love and healing to that spot. I asked the Universe for guidance and help (even though I was still bitter and angry) and I told that dog that we needed her and that we loved her constantly.

One day I got a call that the swelling in her abdomen had gone down by half and out of no where by the next day she was her normal size. A FREAKING MIRACLE.

Not only did I find my uttermost strength in a time of weakness, I found a new connection to source, I found out just how healing love can be.

I am happy to say that now we have a beautiful home and a happy, healthy, fully-recovered dog. I have been pushed and tested so many times in my short 27 years, but as I look back I realize it was all for my greater good.

Every lesson is a blessin’ y’all!


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