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Should You Give Psychic Readings While Pregnant?

Should pregnant women still practice mediumship and divination? This question comes up more often than you might think. It’s funny you know, if you do a google search on the subject there are very few articles but TONS of forums.

It seems that mothers have a heightened sense of intuition before, during, and just after pregnancy. There are literally thousands of forums talking about psychic abilities and pregnancy – this little phenomenon has made plenty of skeptics into believers from what I’ve read.The question above however is hard to get an answer to.

Should you be giving psychic readings and should you be doing energetic healings while pregnant?

Well since we know that women are at their height of spiritual connection while pregnant then we can make the hypothesis that they would be able to give clearer more and concise psychic readings during this time.

During pregnancy and the surrounding months, the mother’s energy is incredibly open and receptive. This is because she is the bridge from the spiritual plane to the physical plane for the child spirit. When it comes to connecting for others however there is still a question about safety to the unborn child.

Since I haven’t found much on the subject, I will give you my OPINION in addition to the opinions of some very trusted practitioners in the biz.

In general, I think readings are safe. Just like anything else, however, I think that listening to your body and your intuition is going to be the most telling.

Prepping mama and baby for the reading!

  1. Remember you’re not just grounding for one, you’re grounding for two! You need to protect both your energy and your baby’s before your session.

  2. Before a session make sure to first call in the baby’s armor guide to protect it in white light. See a shield of divine light covering your baby and protecting it like shell before the session.

  3. When grounding, protecting, and connecting before the session make sure that you’re asking your spirit team to take the baby into consideration during the session.

  4. Say an extra prayer for the baby!

  5. Set specific boundaries that spirit and baby’s energy are not to mix. You’re the channel…not the baby.

  6. Ask the baby to work with you during the session to make sure everything goes smoothly for all parties involved.

  7. Just as you would be with an unhygienic stranger asking to hold your newborn…get a little mama bear on spirit if you have too (though you shouldn’t have too). Meaning if you’re doing a reading and someone’s deceased loved one wants to talk about the baby or they are getting a bit too heavy on your energy tell them to back on up.

  8. Remember, listen to your body! As long as you have set yourself and the baby up for success mediumship readings should be safe during your pregnancy!

While pregnant you’re probably going to be picking up on allllll types of spirits….all the time. Make sure you’re resetting boundaries constantly! Especially if you’re working out of the home.

You will likely pick up on higher vibrational spirits than you are used too during your sessions as well. Beings like angels, ascended masters, archangels, and the like. These beings are wonderful and beautiful but carry with them A LOT of energy. You may want to start connecting with them on your own time to get acclimated to their energy. Doing this will prevent you from being caught off guard during a reading!

Know when to reschedule your psychic readings while pregnant

If before a reading you’re feeling heavy and very resistant then I would encourage you to go into your reading space and call in your guides. Ask them if you should be doing the reading at this time.

Listen to your team and pay attention to any sensations within the body. Any sharp pains or twinges near the womb should be a pretty good indicator that it’s not a good time for the session. The energy may be too much for you right now or the client may not be in the best vibration. Since pregnant women are more open they will feel and take on more of the heavy energy of the client.

Do you connect with your client’s before you work with them? If not, it’s a good idea to connect through an email exchange prior to the session. This is so you can pick up on their energy initially. If you connect with someone and you already feel that it might not be a good fit (rarely happens but sometimes!) then you can go ahead and refer them to a colleague that might be a better match! (This tip goes beyond pregnancy and into your daily practice!)

If you’re pregnant and you’re having a rough day then chances are the reading will not be the best for your client because you’re attention will be shifted. Please for their sake reschedule. The last thing you want to do is waste someone’s money or give them false information. (Y’all know from this course that I take ethics very seriously!)

Rescheduling isn’t something you should take lightly but if you know you’re a bit off of your game that day it’s in everyone’s best interest to move the session. Plus if you’re expending all of that energy trying to connect it will leave you feeling even worse than before!

One more thing!

Though healing services are very similar to mediumship readings I think that they are a bit more intensive on the conduit (you!).

I, myself, let your spirit team come in and do the work but I also feel the work they’re doing within my own body. This could be an issue for someone who is pregnant especially during the first trimester. Healings can take a toll on the healer on a normal day but add a bun in the oven and it’s a whole other story! Just something else to keep in mind!!

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