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Self-Worth Inspiration | Self-Worth Affirmations

How much do you value yourself? Do you believe that you are worthy, divine, and unstoppable? I guess my real question is, do you see your self-worth?

In March of 2019, I shared a meme by @TheCaptain on Instagram that was direct and sarcastic but also thought-provoking. I assumed that everyone would see the beautiful message behind the bluntness of the meme but, I was wrong.

To me, this was saying that if you can believe in something outside of yourself that is incapable of moving or breathing then you should certainly be able to see your own power.

It was quickly pointed out to me that I was wrong to assume that everyone had such a strong belief in themselves.

“Spirituality and divination told are much different than self-confidence, self-worth, and self-image. Most people have trauma to work through, or shadow work to conquer….which is a lot more difficult than let’s say charging a crystal.

I had a few other comments that disagreed with the post, but this one really hit me to the core. She was absolutely right! Not everyone knows how to conquer their shadows, and I know first hand that self-love is a magnificent achievement for those of us that can’t say I love you in the mirror without crawling in our skin or becoming incredibly emotional.

Working on yourself is a true investment and takes more willpower and dedication than one could ever imagine. It’s sad that it is this way because we are born unconditionally loving not only everyone but also ourselves. We don’t become conditioned out of it until we are taught by others that we are less than divine. It’s because of this that we have trouble seeing our self-worth.

Today I am going to provide you with 21 affirmations for self-worth, self-love, self-healing, and self-confidence! Use them daily, say them in front of the mirror, and keep saying them day after day week after week until you believe them!

  1. I can trust myself to handle anything

  2. I approve of myself

  3. I honor my wishes, and I say yes only when it serves me

  4. It’s okay for me to have downtime

  5. I see my worth, and I know that I am valuable

  6. I am confident, and I am strong

  7. I firmly believe in myself

  8. I set loving boundaries that protect my energy while teaching others to do for themselves

  9. I love who I see in the mirror

  10. Inside I am vibrant and shining with confidence this reflects in every aspect of my life

  11. It is my birthright to feel and embody unconditional love

  12. It is my birthright to feel joy

  13. I see and think positively

  14. I am filled with self-esteem

  15. My confidence radiates outward

  16. I have something unique to offer the world

  17. I live in the present, find joy in every moment, and I am excited about my bright future

  18. I forgive myself

  19. I forgive others

  20. I release myself from any limiting beliefs or energies

  21. I love myself unconditionally

If you loved these affirmations, you would surely love the sacred self-healing journey! In this live recorded series, we journey back to our stories and rewrite them anew. We not only see but fully embody our self-worth.

We meet our inner child and work through past wounds. During our journey, we will start to see our self-worth and learn how to implement it for the betterment of our lives and the lives of those around us. When we heal, we help to improve our relationships and more! As we step into our best version, we become a better version for our children and our families. We make space for new vibrant energy to flow in which serves us at work and in friendships. Our entire life shifts when we do!

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