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Self-Love Is NOT The Same As Self-Acceptance. 

Self-Love Is NOT The Same As Self-Acceptance.

Self-Love and self-acceptance, what is the difference? Are they the same? Which is easier to do?

Self-love is, for many, much easier than self-acceptance. It’s easier to treat yourself well, be kind to yourself, and say loving things than it is to let yourself be vulnerable and truly seen. We often hold ourselves back by wondering if we are enough, pretty enough, productive enough, smart enough…but when you accept yourself, you KNOW you as you are is simply enough.

Even when we love ourselves, we are often trying to present to others as we want them to see us or think they want to see us.

We can love ourselves and not accept and appreciate all levels of our being. We can love ourselves and still not uphold or even set personal boundaries.

When we accept and appreciate ourselves, we can finally bust through the blocks we thought self-love would dissolve.

Deep dive into the difference between self-love and self-acceptance in today’s episode!


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