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Right in the feels. A reading for a friend.

I have this new friend, we will call her “Kami.” I met her about two months ago, she is a wonderful soul. I go to a oneness meditation every now and then and she approached me after it was over and invited me to her house to craft. (Who doesn’t love to craft??) Normally I would be skeptical and probably not go….

1. I had just met her

2. it was already 8:30 and I ain’t even going to lie to ya…this girl is usually in bed by 10 at the latest!

However on this night the universe aligned perfectly;  hubby was working an over night shift and baby-boo was at his grandparent’s house. I figured this happened for a reason so I went with it.

I totally loved Kami’s energy and everything about her, she was a genuinely good person and I felt that instantly. We talked about the Universe, Crystals, and my gifts.

You may recall in a previous article I promised to do a reading for a friend , An Unexpected Visitor, Kami was the friend I was referring too. After seeing the very odd woman in my morning mediation I said “okay, it’s time.” I was antsy all day; ready to get home as fast as I could and do her reading! I’d like to let my readers know that while I do consider Kami a friend, I don’t really know much about her.

During the reading I found myself writing things like “your secret is safe, watch out for your new friend, everything will align very soon.” I pulled an oracle card for her and jotted down some notes. Totally prepared to call her and we couldn’t match our schedules up; I was bummed but decided I would give her the reading the next day . I’ve never done  this before, it’s usually immediate so that I am still connected to her guides.

The next day while giving Kami her reading I heard her sobbing on the phone….so I stopped and asked if everything was okay? She told me about her current situation and how everything I was saying was aligning perfectly. She was in the middle of a love triangle and really just wanted to know what to do. They had pretty much given her the answers but she needed to figure it out for herself.

My heart broke for her. I switched back and forth from Medium  mode to friend mode….I had been there when I was younger and I knew how hard this was for her. She talked and I listened; it was one of the first times since opening my gifts that I felt that I really am here to help people. Kami has a huge heart with so much love to give ; I am so thankful that I was able to give her some spiritual insight to help her with her situation.

I’m tellin’ y’all it was a reading for the books and it got me right in the feels.

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