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How Living On A Farm Changed My Life

I’ve been sitting on this article for a few weeks thinking that it wasn’t exactly in alignment with the rest of the articles I write. However after all the synchronicities lately and the multiple animal encounters I’ve had, I figured it must be time.

I want to tell you a little bit about my life; a part that I’ve never written about before. The part where I lived on a farm.

Betcha didn’t see that comin’, did ya?

We moved just as I was starting middle school  (the most awkward years ever..amIright?) and I was UPSET to say the least. We were moving from the heart of the city to the outskirts of town where my closest neighbor was a pasture or two away. I was used to playing street hockey with my friends, knocking on their doors to ask them to play, and walking up to the drugstore to buy candy. Now the only place I was going to be walking to was a barn?

Well, it happened and honestly it was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. We had goats, a bull (not kidding), emu, and 10 horses….oh and one really mean mule. All of these animals would follow me around like I was their mother, even the mule! I never understood why until a few years ago.


Here’s Elvis the bull. Quite the beast eh?

There I was, the first day of 6th grade at a new school and I had goats standing with me while I waited to get on the bus. When I came home they were there and this happened every day! The horses were inside the pasture, but it went all the way to the road so they would wait as well. You guys, I was mortified when one of the goats tried to get on the bus; I’m not even kidding! I didn’t play with these animals and quite frankly at the time wanted absolutely nothing to do with them. I really didn’t understand why they were so attached to me!

Then there was Little Girl, our miniature pony; cutest, meanest, little thing you would ever meet in your life! She bit and kicked at everyone who got near her…except for me. She was cute, so I didn’t mind hanging out with her. She would even follow me around the yard, off of her lead all the time – just like a dog!

One day I left the door ajar and went to grab something from my room…the next thing I hear was my mom screaming

“Get this fu*king horse out of my house!” Little Girl had let herself in and was standing in our back room…I still laugh every time I think about it. Sorry mom!

There was a certain horse that I never really felt a connection too until he was laying behind the barn passing away; suddenly I had the strongest pull to him.  I remember laying with this horse as he was passing and feeling like I was somehow communicating with him. I laid on him as a pillow and I just felt this sense of calm like I was supposed to be there. I now know that I was connecting with him on an energetic level, I was feeling his energy leaving his body and somehow helping him in his transition.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because, that is when I realized that I had some weird connection to animals and that I could connect with them energetically. From that point on I would spend my days in the barn or in the pasture listening to nature and watching the animals.

Living in the country meant that I didn’t have the ability to knock on a friend’s door whenever I wanted, so I had to find something else to do. I started riding horses, walking trails, and exploring. I always seemed to be able to form a bond with the animals that most couldn’t get near.

As life went on this gift, this knowing didn’t go away. At one point I even decided to give veterinary medicine a go, but obviously it wasn’t for me! Though some veterinary energy work may be in my future one day, who knows?

For a recent client however, animal energy work is certainly in her future and in a seemingly big way!

During her reading spirit kept showing me that my client could communicate with animals, they showed me her moving energy, and spirit kept showing me one person she would be working with in particular.

I asked my client about this and come to find out she currently works in a barn and has been considering service animal training for quite some time; oh and she is already an energy healer! Not so coincidentally she came to the reading asking if she was on the right path.

She emailed me the next day to tell me that directly after our call this happened….

“I was flipping through a Horsey magazine my husband had brought home that day and landed on a one page article on horses healing couples affected by PTSD!”

Spirit sets us on our path long before we ever know it. The universe will give us signs, shift things for us, and literally place articles right under our noses until we realize what is going on.

This week I encourage you to take notice of the synchronicities around you, pay attention to the signs spirit gives you, and take one step towards your dream. It doesn’t have to be big, if fact it could be as small as a google search, but if you have a dream start stepping towards it.

This blog started as a place for me to write and recall the things that I’ve experienced as a medium. My hope was that I would help one or two people and now I’m teaching multiple people per day!

If you can dream it you can do it! Trust in spirit and trust that no matter your current circumstance, if you ask then spirit will show you your path!

With love,


**This article contains external links to products I believe in. I may receive commissions from these sites.

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