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How Are Psychic Readings Healing?

It’s been said that a psychic reading can have equivalent healing effects to a year’s worth of therapy and I would have to say that I agree. Often times when someone seeks out psychic advice it is because they are feeling lost, alone, or they just want some guidance about what their next step should be. I’ve been there and I’ve done that…quite a few times! I’ve had great readings that healed my soul, I’ve had readings that helped heal another soul, and I’ve had a “reading” that left me with empty pockets and no answers.

Let’s start with my very first reading…the one that left me broke and confused. I was 19 and I had just had a horrible breakup and I was lookin’ for some answers! I went to this lady in my local area who charged $75.00 for a reading (a very fair price), I walked in and sat down in this tiny little room. She took one look at me and told me a curse was placed on me and I had recently had something terrible happen to me. She told me if I didn’t remove this “curse” that I would never find love. That was literally the entire reading. (Also, curses aren’t real! If anyone tells you something like this it’s a major red flag!) Keep in mind I was 19, naive, and heartbroken…I asked her how to remove this curse and she told me it would cost $600.00 –  I had $400…she happily gave me the discount. I went back to her thinking there would be a full reading, a ceremony, or SOMETHING. Nope. Instead she asked if I could go grab her some food. Excuse me, WHAT?? I was so crushed, so broke, and so embarrassed. It took me 5 years to gain the courage to talk to another psychic!

My second reading went MUCH MUCH better! I had just lost my grandfather, though she did not know this and I was 7 months pregnant. Pretty emotional time in my life right? Well the first thing she says to me is “you are clairvoyant” I always had a feeling but I shook it off (I was still skeptical). She went on to tell me about a friend I had asking for my help crossing over that had overdosed. She gave me a name and we helped him! She told me things my higher-self had been trying to get through to me but I was ignoring. She contacted my grandmother and a relative I had never met. This medium even talked about my relationship with my father and everything was spot on. That reading healed a piece of me that I thought didn’t stand a chance!

A few months later I had another reading where I was told to love myself, whoa baby! I was a wheeping mess on the other end of the phone but I put it on mute so she wouldn’t know. She told me things I had been feeling and even specific thoughts I had been having regarding my life. She told me once I started loving myself my entire life would change and within 2 years I would be doing what she was doing…giving readings for a living. Mind you, at this point I hadn’t even started opening up yet! She brought through my grandfather with very specific messages and she helped me gain a little bit of insight surrounding his death and family situations. She even confirmed what I had known all along; that my baby had been seeing my grandfather around my house.

That call changed my life!

I got a handle on my emotions and I made the commitment to get and STAY positive. I started meditating and then shortly after, I connected INTENTIONALLY with my first spirit. Since then I’ve kept opening and now I am a professional psychic medium and teacher.

So while you may occasionally run into someone who is more into the money than helping people, most psychic readings will be incredibly healing. If you have one bad reading please don’t shut the door on all psychics like I almost did! Give them another chance; I had two readings that changed the entire course of my life for the BETTER. If it hadn’t been for those readings, I would have never started loving myself and I wouldn’t be where I am today!

If you are looking for a psychic reading I am here to help! I connect you with your guides, loved ones, and even your higher self! In the past I have connected mothers with their deceased children, multiple people who’s loved ones have passed from overdose or suicide, and even relatives that passed before they were ever born. Our guides give the most healing guidance and connecting with loved ones provides and incredible amount of comfort and closure. Happy healing everyone!

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