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A Psychic Reading, What’s the Process? How Long Does it REALLY Take?

A Psychic Reading, What's the Process_

Psychic readings can be offered in a variety of different ways depending on who you go to and how they choose to connect. Some may do email readings, some may do live readings, then there is automatic writing; I personally do a combo of a live reading and automatic writing.

Depending on the medium, they may offer a 2 questions reading, a 30 minute reading, one hour, etc. There is something you should know though…while you may actually be on the phone with them for 30 minutes to an hour, you can guarantee they will have spent at least double that by the time your reading is complete.

Think about the back and forth emails, one to schedule, one to confirm, one with questions, and generally a follow-up. All in all this probably takes a collective hour to hour and a half of your medium’s time.

“People send e-mails all the time; it’s not a big deal.” Ok, valid point. In this day and age technology is second nature, so I will move on.

My Process

The day of the reading I wake up and I invite the client’s guides, loved-ones, and messenger’s, to step in and wait patiently until reading time.

It’s actually about an hour and fifteen minutes before our scheduled call time I start the reading.

  1. First I set up my reading space…notebook, pen, water, etc…

  2.  Then I set out a crystal grid, burn some sage, and ground and protect myself

  3.  I clear my energy and open my chakra’s

  4. I call in my guides and meditate a little to ensure I have a clear channel

  5. THEN I call in the client’s guides, loved-ones, and messengers

I am mainly clairaudient, this means that I mostly hear. I connect to spirit just how I would with you…a conversation. Then I use my clairvoyance to see any images they want to present and then I use my judgment for the feeling of someone being in the room and what vibe I get from them. Not always in this specific order.

Now back to the reading….

  1. I start listening and when it gets to be too much to remember I begin automatic writing. My hand moves faster than my mind and I have to balance that with the feelings and images I am getting. (This process usually lasts about 30-45 minutes.)

  2. I call the client…generally about 45 minutes to an hour or more.

  3. I cut cords with the session, thank everyone who participated, and I close the session.

All in all the reading itself WITHOUT any time allotted for email’s is about 2.5 hours. This is why when you ask a psychic for a reading on the spot they will probably say “I can’t right now.” This doesn’t mean they are a fraud or have weak abilities….it’s a process and takes a lot out of us.

Before and after a reading I am ALWAYS sooooo thirsty…like seriously, SO thirsty. Pshhhh and look out kitchen, because I will start stuffing my face with whatever I can find! Not kidding, it’s embarrassing. Ask any medium; giving a reading is like swimming 50 laps in a pool. It’s fun and it’s exciting but it takes all the energy you have!

So next time you think “wow, that’s a lot of money for an hour!” Please remember this article and know that we take a lot of time, care, and energy to give you the best possible connection we can.

Love and light y’all!

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