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Life in Review. Messages From a Deceased Addict.

A few weeks back I had the privilege to connect two sisters during a reading. The reading started off how most of them do with a gentle message from her guide but later changed into a complete life review.  Her guide (actually her grandmother) told me about how my client had been feeling and what had been going on in her life over the past year. This woman was kind and gentle and definitely had that “grandmotherly” feel to her!

Her guide (actually her grandmother) told me about how my client had been feeling and what had been going on in her life over the past year. This woman was kind and gentle and definitely had that “grandmotherly” feel to her!

As the session progressed it started to shift gears; the grandmother’s message was coming through slower and slower. Then she was pretty much interpreted by my client’s sister as if to say “I’ve got it from here Nonny!”

Let me tell ya, this sister was not playin’ around! She had a message to deliver and she was sick of waiting! She had the most wonderful personality and honestly, had she been living I felt like we could have been great friends! She showed herself to me as young, fun, and she wore sunglasses in her hair. She had this “just liveeee, just have fun, quit taking life so seriously” attitude about her and it was wonderful!

She showed me scenes of a lake where they would go as children, she talked about watching over my client’s daughter and how her niece was so much like her. She showed me her niece dancing and singing all about the room and called her “a little wild child.”

The images she showed me not only hit home for my client but also for me. So often we forget to really watch our kids just play, we forget our childlike sense of wonder and freedom, and we forget that life isn’t meant to be forced or structured.

This spirit passed from addiction related causes but you would never know it! She didn’t present the signs that most overdose victims do; she wasn’t stuck, she wasn’t afraid to talk to me, and she wasn’t sad…at all!

She was super excited to share her wisdom with us and even gave us a life review! Her message came through loud and clear and went right to my and my client’s hearts.

“Relax and enjoy the ride, bring that spark of magic back! Do all of the things you wish you would have done because those are the things that matter. Bills, snacks, carpools…all of that stress…you won’t play them back and remember what an organized person you were. You will play them back and feel sad for all of the things you didn’t do. You will be wishing you just threw something together and spent that extra hour with your daughter playing dolls. I won’t steer you wrong! This isn’t all the time you’ve got, but it is all the time you’ve got right now. ENJOY IT! PLAY! Live your life man!”

She was right. She was absolutely right. She never once said she regretted the life path she took or leaving this world too early during our reading. She only said that she wished she had done more with the time that she had.

I know that we all stretch ourselves so thin that we forget to just stop and look around. We forget to take chances and risks. We forget to laugh and we forget how wonderful life can be…it doesn’t have to be stressful, WE MAKE IT THAT WAY.

Yes we have bills to pay and children to feed but who says that’s all we are meant to do? It’s not. We are here to enjoy this Earth, we are here to experience! If we do the same exact thing and live the same exact life every day, what are we experiencing? Not much.

Even if you say you don’t have the money to have “experiences” try doing something differently once a day…or even once a week!

  1. Take a drive to somewhere local you’ve never visited before!

  2. Make a quick and easy dinner. Eat it outside on a blanket with your kids!

  3. Take your partner on a date…in the back yard! Look at the stars…look at each other and really talk. When is the last time you did that with no electronics?

  4. Take a class! has many local and free offerings that I bet you didn’t even know existed in your town! Like swing dancing or pop-up yoga classes, get out there and meet new people!

  5. Think about what you loved to do as a kid and do it again! Who cares what people think? Go outside and play in the rain if you want to; just live your life!

I am so very thankful for my client and her sister for helping me remember to embrace life and to slowwwww down!

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Have a great experience today!

Love and Light,


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