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Reincarnation, What Is It? What Is Reincarnation And How Does It Work?

Reincarnation, What Is It? What Is Reincarnation And How Does It Work?

Our souls existed before we were born and will continue to exist after we die. And the process of being reborn continues over and over as our souls evolve spiritually.” Dr. Brian Weiss, MD

Our souls carry within them an unnotable amount of deep wisdom passed down from many lifetimes before. They also carry with them the pains and traumas that they experienced within those lifetimes.

The purpose of reincarnation is that we come back here to experience growth for the soul.

You can think about it like this, life is much like going to an out of state university. You leave the comforts of home to venture off alone to learn new things.

You have things to study, tests to pass, and wisdom to absorb. You go to college with the sole intention of personal growth and expansion. Once you leave you carry those lessons with you into your “new life”.

When we look at the soul it does the same thing. It leaves home to come here to learn, grow, expand, and heal. The fun (and sometimes frustrating) part is that we are here to remember this.

We pick lives and situations that will teach us specific lessons. Our souls relive patterns from past lives so that we can learn how to break the cycle. The greatest challenge is allowing these experiences to teach you. Each life is a chance to learn something new and heal an aspect of yourself. We are meant to embody lessons from each life and then take them back with us.

Our choices in this life determine where we will start our next life as do the lessons we want to learn on that journey. 

When we look at our lives as a journey we chose to go on we can start to accept each person as a soul. Each one just doing their best to navigate the path they are on. Intentionally looking at your life and the people in your life this way gives you the opportunity to free yourself from being a victim of circumstance. It allows you to step into your power and use this as an opportunity for advancement and fulfillment.

Though we may not understand the cards we are dealt our soul knew exactly what it was doing when it put us here.

Interesting blurb about past lives and reincarnation!

Each of us has unexplained triggers, wounds, and emotions that don’t quite make sense to us. While some of them may be repressed childhood memories many are connected to past life experiences.

I recently read a study about birthmarks and their connections to past lives. Cultures across the world for centuries have marked their loved ones with paint or soot when passing so that they could recognize them in their next life.

We are finally catching on to this concept as a study done by Dr. Ian Stevenson of The University of Virginia suggested. His findings were that children with specific birthmarks and defects were able to describe where they were wounded in a past life. The stories matched the birthmarks within centimeters in the studies!

To strengthen this theory people that have remembered past lives and connected those stories to their birthmarks have seen those birthmarks fade after remembering.

This is so powerful to me as it shows exactly how deep our wounds run. It proves that once we acknowledge those wounds we truly allow them to heal!

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