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Reading Someone When You Have Not Been Given Permission

Reading someone when you have not been given permission to deliver psychic messages, passing along psychic messages to strangers, should you do it?

Is it ethical to tap into someone’s energy when you have not been given permission? Does the granted permission affect the quality of information that comes through? If it is unethical why do so many of us pick up on the energy of other people all the time?

These are all questions that I have asked myself and that have been asked of me. They are all equally tricky questions and really when it comes to ethics it depends on each individual person. Some psychics are happy to come up to you and read you or deliver a message to you without your permission. To them, it might not be a big deal if they were in your shoes, but what if you didn’t want the message? It all comes down to preference and personal boundaries.

I learned a long time ago that not everyone wants a message from spirit right when it comes through. Sure, spirit can bring through messages unprovoked but that doesn’t mean the recipient is ready for them. This can be tricky when the spirit is persistent.

In these cases, I always reaffirm my boundaries to spirit and tell them that if the message is important enough that I need them to get the other person to somehow give me permission. This could be the person bringing something up about the spirit coming through, the situation, or even just talking about spirit in general.

We are absolutely able to pick up on the energy of others but as most empath’s know, this isn’t always ideal. It can be helpful when meeting new people or going into situations alone. That way you know who to trust and who to shy away from. However, if you are constantly picking up messages and spirits for those around you it is likely that you are ungrounded and need to set some spiritual boundaries. (Learn to do that here)

You see this work is beautiful and it is such a gift. When unmanaged, however, it can drain you, leave you open to unwanted energetic connections, and even cause illness in extreme cases. An example of this would be taking on too much energy, not clearing it out, becoming completely depleted, and having your immune system weaken because of it.

I know that it is exciting to receive these messages and you feel like you’re helping another but it’s certainly best practice to ask for permission first.

Keep in mind that the information likely won’t be as clear without permission

If you’re tapping into someone’s energy and they didn’t give you permission chances are it’s going to be a bit foggier than anticipated. Think about it, when you sit down to do a reading you set your intentions and boundaries. You know who and what you’re working with. You’re both ready and open for the session and the person’s spirit is ready to work with you as well.

When you just go poking around in someone’s energy they may not be clear and thus the information won’t be either. This can cause a multitude of problems! It can cause you to lose credibility with them if your information is not as accurate as it could be. They might be unclear because they are growing through something leaving you susceptible to negative or heavy energy.

I’ve had many people try to read me without my permission and I can feel it every time. Even when they have the best intentions in mind, I feel a bit violated. It’s almost as if someone opened my diary and started reading it without permission…not a good feeling. However, if the person had just asked I would have likely said yes and been much more receptive to the messages.

All in all, to me, it is best practice to get permission in some way before you give a psychic message to someone. Even if the message is for their best and highest good. Like I said, just ask the spirit to connect you to that person to get permission or even try connecting with them on a soul level by using this technique.

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