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Quit Getting Scammed By Psychics | Psychic Red Flags

Quit Getting Scammed By Psychics – Psychic Red Flags!

I am writing this article today in an effort to stop innocent people from getting scammed by the not so innocent. If you can’t already tell, I’m a little fired up over the matter. Within a week I’ve had 5 people come to me looking for help and wanting to know if they are cursed.

Listen, you’re not cursed. Really, truly, you’re not. Perhaps you have some blocks going on, are resistant to changes in vibration, or you have a spirit that has been trying to contact you. These things happen, it’s part of being a spiritual being. None of these things, however, indicate in any form that you are “cursed”.

We block ourselves by remaining attached to situations, people, and outcomes. We also create blocks by discrediting ourselves and being unkind to ourselves. When we don’t take responsibility for our vibration we create blocks as well.

When our vibration is low it’s easier for others to seep into our energy and take our energy from us. And yes, this means that spirits can also try to connect with you if they have a reason. This can be draining on your energy and make you feel unwell. Does it mean you have a curse on you or that a spirit that is attached to you? No. It means you’ve got to set some boundaries and take control of your vibration.

Here’s what you need to remember, no one can solve any of the above problems except for you. If someone tells you they need a certain amount of money to remove a curse or an attachment take your visa card and walk the other way.

A while ago I wrote an article about psychic red-flags and what to look out for. You can check that out here. The previous article was a bit more cordial but equally as informative. This time, I’m writing with a bit more voice. One thing I can’t stand is seeing someone getting taken advantage of. Plus I and a few others (,, are working really hard to bring truth and light to this industry. When someone is discrediting all of that by doing the opposite, well, it just grinds my gears.

Ok, enough ranting. Back to the topic at hand….

How To Know If You’re Getting Scammed By a “Psychic”

  1. They tell you that a curse has been placed on you or that an evil spirit attached to you.

  2. Fear is used as a tactic to get you to purchase more services.

  3. They claim that by paying them a certain amount of money they will buy a special candle and light it for you. The “psychic” will claim that this will heal everything and you will find peace and happiness afterward. (No one can heal your life except for you so this is complete BS)

  4. If they tell you something will positively happen (good or bad) then they are not being 100% honest. All ethical psychics and mediums know that free will comes into play in everything we do. Even the best mediums have no way of knowing for certain if/when something will happen. The reason for this is that you could change your course at any given moment. All we can do is tell you what we see. Spirit will often give scenarios A & B and sometimes a roundabout timeline IF they even choose to give that.

  5. The “psychic” pressures you to buy more readings and healings. A good medium knows that a full session reading shouldn’t be done weekly. Often spirit gives you what you need to hear and wants you to work on that before they will give you too much more.

  6. Trust your instinct! I always tell people to do a little bit of research on the reader they are paying. Google them, read through their website, ask yourself if it feels right or not.

  7. Be careful if they are only telling you what you want to hear. Spirit doesn’t filter. They tell you what you most NEED to hear and not what you want to hear.

  8. Take note if the psychic is letting you do all the talking. Ask any client I’ve ever had…if they start telling me too much I will literally ask them to stop until I get spirit’s messages. This way there is no ethical confusion about where the information came from.

  9. Know the difference between fishing and allowing for questions. Some people get a reading for guidance on a particular life situation. In this instance I allow THEM to ask questions. Fishing is different. Fishing is “why are you here today, what was your family life like growing up, I see you look sad…something must be troubling you.”

  10. If they won’t let you record be careful. I have the option to record the session for you or you may record it yourself. Any ethical medium will tell you that often it takes a few days for spirit messages to sink in. Oftentimes it takes hearing it again or rereading notes to catch things we missed the first time around.

There are scammers out there but there are also people out there who really do want to share the light with you. Mediumship readings can be incredibly healing and informational if you go to the right person. Find someone that resonates with you, someone that you feel comfortable with.

I am sure that some of the “psychics’ that are scamming do have legitimate gifts but sometimes people lose their way. Good people are capable of doing bad things, it sucks but it’s part of their path. Who are we to try to change the course for them? All we can do is keep spreading the light and know what to look for in order to receive the best and most healing session possible.

If you’re interested in getting a mediumship reading you can check out my offerings and reviews here! 

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