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New Year New You? How About New Year Same You…Just BETTER?

New year, new you? Or new year same you, just better?

As we approach a new year and fresh energy we often make resolutions. These include things we will do differently and things we will do better. We’ve all seen the hashtag #newyearnewme but let’s be honest to create an entirely new you is a pretty big feat and honestly a sad one. To say there is a new you mean that you didn’t like or accept who you were “before”.

What if instead of trying to create an entirely new person you just work with what you already have to make the best version possible?

When I look back at 14, 19, 22, 24, and even 26 years old me they are all very different people. Some seem so unfamiliar to me that it’s almost like they aren’t me at all. Especially 19 year old me. I often send her love because she didn’t have it for herself. It’s weird to look at a younger version of yourself and know who they were but vibrationally you feel so disconnected that they are essentially a stranger to you.

Each version of who we were, however, played a very impactful role into who we are today. Even if we wish that we could sweep a few of those versions under the rug…

Today I am asking that you honor who you used to be and who you are as you move into the new year.

  1. Have a meditation with the past and present yous. Go back in time and send those versions the love that they needed, accept them, and forgive them.

  2. Do the inner child work your soul so desperately needs and rewrite your stories to fit the version of you that you want to embody. Heal past patterns so that you can finally escape them.

  3. Get clear on who you want to be and then work backward.

Here is a worksheet to assist you in using the New Year energy to embody your best self and to become the best version of you. Don’t start from scratch simply use what you have to rebuild and redefine!

To help to clear and protect your energy try this technique!

If rewriting your stories, healing your inner child, and getting clear on your intentions sounds wonderful to you but you have no idea how to do it I can help! I invite you to take the Sacred Self-Healing journey with me.

Along this journey you will learn to heal and work with the deepest aspects of yourself to uncover your blocks, nurture your inner child, as well as mend wounds and relationships. You will learn to cultivate a relationship with your higher-self so that you can see through her eyes what is best for you, who is serving you, and who is not.

As you become your best version you will likely submerge into an awakening! The following articles will help you to understand your awakening and how to navigate through it!

Becoming your best version takes work, dedication, and a commitment to yourself. Coming from someone who sees a stranger when I look behind me I can tell you that sticking with it and making this commitment to your self is the best investment you will ever make. Once you shift you have no desire to pedal backward!

Happy New Years beloveds and may your year be full of positive transformations and the best serving manifestations!

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