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My Spiritual Awakening Is Causing Relationship Issues

Whether you’re in a new or old relationship chances are that you and your significant other don’t always see eye to eye. Perhaps your disagreements are small like when he asks you where you want to eat. You may reply with “I don’t care” and once he makes a suggestion or 5 and you shoot them all down things get heated. But really, you don’t care!

Maybe it’s bigger than that though, how do you make a relationship work when you have vastly different views on things such as religion, world issues, and the afterlife?

My blog isn’t geared towards relationships most of the time, but still, sometimes it comes up. I’m not an expert on relationships but I do happen to know a thing or two having been through just about everything with the same person over the past 12 years. A lot of people will say “oh yeah we’ve been through everything” but have they really? Have they had to tell their significant other that they can talk to dead people? It’s certainly one for the books, lemme tell ya!

I started dating my cutie of a husband when I was 17 years old. We’ve watched each other grow, change, and turn into the people that we are today. He is not the same car obsessed boy I met back then and I am not the same wild child that I once was.  In all honesty, we are both pretty unrecognizable from who we used to be.

Still, my completely coming out of the psychic closet was a bit of a shock for my extremely logical husband.

As mentioned in this interview I came to a crossroads. I could either go back to living a lie and not being true to myself to make him more comfortable or I could for once in my life do what was making me happy.

I was raised to put my kids and husband first. Their feelings, their needs, and their wants all before my own. So that very moment was one of the toughest and bravest things I’ve ever done. My voice trembled and broke as I made my decision but I made it.

I told him that I was going to do this. It was time for me to start living my truth. I told him he could either come with me or get out of the way. Then I worried he would get out of the way but… he didn’t.

Instead, he tried to understand. He tried to keep his judgments to himself and he just sat back and watched. He saw me and my entire world change drastically.

My husband supports me now not because he suddenly believes in mediumship but because he has seen the effects its had on my life as a whole.

While I will never forget the conversation that almost tore me to pieces at the time, I will also never forget when he looked at me and said…

“I may not understand what you do and I still have trouble believing in it but I see that it makes you happy. I’ve never ever seen you more driven or dedicated to something and I’m proud of you.”

That is all I needed, his support.

I’ve often wondered how this can possibly work? How can two people who share vastly different perspectives make it long term? I questioned if I needed to be with someone likeminded who understood my mediumship gifts but what would be fun about that?

We are here on Earth to learn and grow. No two paths are the same. My husband is on his own path and I am on mine they just happen to run side by side so we can hold hands along the way.

I don’t know the in’s and out’s of his job or how to save someone from a burning building, nor do I care to learn. It’s not my thing and that is ok. I still love to hear about his day and share my experiences with him as well.

You don’t have to share the same views on everything as the person you’re with. Sure, it might make it easy but would it be fun and would you grow from it?

I’ve seen a change in my husband since I started doing this and it doesn’t come from teaching him about mediumship or shoving my views down his throat. It comes from actions because we all know they speak louder than words.

Before, my husband used to joke with me about using my magic to manifest and how I watched and read so much about self-help. Now he is the one showing me inspirational videos in hopes that I can use them in my day to day work.

Now he gives me business ideas and input when he can.

He is super grounded and I am out somewhere in the ether, so we meet in the middle. We balance each other out. We teach each other, challenge each other, and help one another grow in ways that we only see once it’s already happened. I bet you and your partner do too! Last night, I was thinking about alll the stars that had to align and all the work the universe had to do to get my husband and I connected.

  1. We lived on opposite sides of town.

  2. He happened to come into my work an hour before I got off.

  3. I totally shut him down when he tried to hit on me and found his number again 2 weeks later.

  4. We dated, disconnected, and crossed paths again a month later.

  5. We are total and complete opposites when it comes to love languages.

  6. I’m a medium and I help people heal, he’s a fireman and saves people’s lives.

We have been through sickness, loss, high times, low times, and coming out of closets. Yet, somehow we’ve made it through. The universe clearly had a plan laid out for us long before we ever knew it.

I invite you to look back on your story with your partner and your connection with them. If something as silly as different beliefs is what is holding you back or causing you to question your relationship then just be strong. Know that you are here, with this person, right now… for a reason. Help each other grow and help each other understand!

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