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My Psychic Initiation Process And How I Handle Skeptics

No matter what you do in life, who you become, or where you go, there is ALWAYS going to be someone there to challenge you. These people may anger us, hurt our feelings, or simply push our buttons. It is up to us, however, to accept their challenge or become defeated.

When I came out of the psychic closet to friend’s and family it wasn’t an easy thing to do. I was happier than I’ve ever been but I was almost always on the defense. Seems a little counterproductive right?

The moment the topic of mediumship or spirituality would come up so too would my suit of armor. Before ever hearing their thoughts on the subject I would have a pile of weapons ready to throw at them like grenades. This pile consisted of validations, experiments, and theories that included scientific backup. It turned out that most of the time I had these weapons on hand for no reason.

I’ve come so far since then and didn’t even realize it until recently.

In a group that I am a part of we were talking about initiation and what that can sometimes look like. Spiritual initiations are challenges that we must overcome in order to proceed to the next level.

Perhaps you’ve been working on clairvoyance and all of a sudden there are complicated situations hitting you left and right. The initiation here would be your ability to see these situations with clarity. Once you do your clairvoyance will likely open up more than ever before.

As I reflected on the topic I sat back in my seat and asked myself if I had been going through any type initiation process recently. I couldn’t see one which meant I just knew it was coming.

A few days later as I prepared for a gallery reading I “heard” that there would be two skeptics in the group. My guides also said that one of them would leave with tears in her eyes forever changed. Obviously, this message gave me a bit of anxiety but I trusted this was for a reason.

I spotted the two skeptics right away.

The first didn’t have much to say but it was written all over her face. When spirit guides and soul contracts were discussed she looked appalled. Without her ever asking I told her “but yes, we still have free will.” Then, I just left it at that.

Skeptic number two was the one they told me specifically about. Her grandmother came through with vivid imagery and messages that she quickly identified with. The client told me that her viewpoint has been forever changed and she must have asked me “how did you know that?” 100 times! Her entire energy changed and she was so thankful for the message.

When I arrived home that day my husband was working on the house with a family friend. This friend asked me how business was going and we chatted it up for a minute before he came right out with it completely unprovoked…

I don’t believe in what you do. Ya know what, though? I also don’t believe in psychiatrists.”

It caught me a bit off-guard but what happened next made me realize just how much I’ve grown in the past few years. I looked at him and said…

“That’s ok! You don’t have to believe in what I do. For me, my entire life has changed for the better and I’m happy. Not only am I happy but I get to help people.”

His statement was never meant to be malicious at all as he was simply just voicing and opinion. However, after I made that statement his mood seemed to shift into an even better one.

“Well, then baby, good for you! Not everyone can say that and if you’re helping people and you’re happy then that is really all that matters.”

And he’s right. I didn’t have to get defensive or give him any examples of validations that I’ve had. My suit of armor was put away and all it took for me to shift the conversation was to look at it from a loving perspective instead of a defensive one.

I was so shocked at how easy it was to get through my initiation. Three skeptics in one day surely meant my initiation was over and I was ready to “level up!”

“Ehh not just yet” – My Spirit Guides

The following Friday I could feel my grandfather around constantly but I was still really missing him. I called my mom to talk to her about it and she just kept dismissing what I had to say, it was pretty disheartening.

The conversation changed to randomness and out of the blue my mother said

“What are you going to tell your son that you do for a living when he is in school? Have you ever thought about that? Kids can be pretty mean and I don’t want him to get picked on.”

Ugh, my heart was crushed. There I was calling my mom for comfort and this is what she had to say of all of the days. I found myself getting a bit defensive again.

“I will tell him I’m a blogger and that I help people. Besides, it doesn’t matter, he can tell people whatever he wants. People are waking up and are a lot more open-minded than they used to be.”

Then I got off the phone as quickly as I could. I spent the next few hours fighting back tears and questioning if me doing this work was embarrassing to my family? I was sitting there wondering if I had been the talk of the town and just didn’t know it. Was my mom so ashamed of what I do that she thought my kid might not have friends because of it?

I went to my husband looking for comfort and he didn’t really have the words I was searching for either. Then I realized that I was looking for validation, comfort, and recognition from outside sources when I should have been going inward.

The moment I did I was reminded that I have absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of. I have changed my entire life for the better and now I get to help other people change theirs. These gifts were given to me for a reason! What would be shameful would be not being true to myself so that someone else could be more comfortable with my life choices.

I think that realization was when the initiation was complete. That is when I passed their test.

There will always be skeptics and there will always be people who challenge us. Heck, even our own spirit team challenges us to show us exactly what we’re made of.

Sometimes people will question your truths and your life simply because they do not understand. Other times it’s because they don’t know themselves the way you do and they are subconsciously envious. Then you will have times that a skeptic just wants an education.

Let them question you, let them challenge you, accept their invitation for personal growth because that is all it really is.

I leave you with this –

“It would be a tragedy to spend your whole life desperately trying to be something that you already were all along” – David Berman – Clip-On Tie

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