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My NYE Rituals

Happy NYE! Have you thought about what you’re leaving behind this year and stepping into next? I have a few New Year’s rituals that I do every New Year’s eve to help me let go and lean in.

Here is what my NYE ritual looks like!

To start, I’ll get out my notebook, a pen, and some tissues. Then I set up my space with candles, crystals, and anything else that feels good to me.

Once I am ready, I reflect on what I am grateful for over the past year. I sit with the lessons, the hard things, the good, the trying – all of it. I write down lessons that I’ve learned and the ways I’ve overcome things that I thought that I couldn’t.

I reflect on the good and the bad and all that it taught me.

I write down and appreciate myself for:

  1. Getting through the struggles

  2. My successes – big and small

  3. Seeing the moments of joy

  4. The moments of falling and getting back up

  5. The times where I was in flow and just let life be easy

By going over the past year, you will see how much you actually accomplished in just 365 days. Whether you hit your big goals or stuck to your resolutions or not, this process will help you see the many many milestones and achievements you did hit.

This is an opportunity to step into the new year being proud of yourself – being proud of the past year. It’s an opportunity to learn from it and decide how you get to shift to have an even better year in 2022. It’s your opportunity to become even more in alignment with your path in the coming year!

After gratitude and reflection, I journal and ask my soul a few questions:

  1. What do I need to know?

  2. What do I need to let go of for the past year?

  3. What do I need to know for the coming year?

  4. What should I be focusing on?

  5. What within me needs to come up?

  6. What areas do I need to focus on for healing and personal growth?

I do automatic writing during this process, and usually… I cry. Not even going to lie to you. There’s usually so much that comes up, and this is such a beautiful moment for me as I feel such an energetic release of the past and an appreciation and excitement for the future.

Once I’m done with that, I look at how I want my mornings to look. I write down who I want to be and how I want to exist and in what ways I can give myself more love. I write down how I can shift my schedule or my routines to better serve.

Then I just meditate meditate meditate for as long as I can. I invite in my guides, my angels, my whole spirit team, and my higher self. I ask to see anything I need to see, I ask for any channeled messages that I need to receive, and usually, during this time or on January 1, I will do an energetic reading for the collective.

After I’ve done all my journaling and written down the things that I want to release, I will let go of that piece of paper whether I burn it or cleanse it with sage. I try to do a whole ritual to let go of what I want to leave in the past and do some sacred self-healing. When I’m complete, I feel so free and so light and so excited about the next year‘s possibilities.

I’m going into 2022 optimistic. I’m going into it knowing that while the past two years have been different and hard on all of us, it hasn’t broken us. If anything, it has shown us what matters the most.

We get to look at all that we have accomplished in times that were some of the darkest we have ever known and pat ourselves on the back for making it through.

No matter what, I believe that I get to create my own reality. I believe if I want to be happy and successful and abundant and of service and bring joy to people, then that’s what I get to do. Nothing going on in the world is going to stop me from doing that.

This is how I be. This is how I exist. This is how I live my life.

The only thing that can stop me from making things happen is me. It’s not the Rona; it’s not politics. It’s not someone telling me that I’m not good enough. The only thing that can stop me is me.

So, I choose to be happy. I choose to be abundant. I choose to be love. I choose to be of service. I choose to keep putting this information out there over and over and over again in hopes that someone who needs it will receive it. I pray that they feel worthy enough to allow it to click in that their life gets to be one they create and design. I hope my work helps someone realize they are worthy of the life of their dreams simply because they are.

And with that, I wish you a happy new year and hope that you choose to invest in yourself and your happiness in 2022. Oh, and remember today is the last day that the Intuitive Development Course is on sale, and it’s the last day to get those bonus readings when you sign up!

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Happy New Years, Babes!

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