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My Experience Working With A Coach. Interview with Priscilla – The Everyday Medium.

Today on the blog we have a very special guest; Priscilla, The Everyday Medium. Priscilla is a long time client turned great friend. About a year and a half ago Priscilla contacted me about the Intuitive Progression and Development Course and we’ve been working together ever since. I remember our first call like it was yesterday. I was a bit nervous but on the other end of the phone was a vivacious lady who made me feel totally at ease. I felt like I was talking to someone I had already known for years! Today, Priscila and I work together on a weekly basis but talk nearly every day. I’ve watched her grow, change, and start her very own mediumship business! So in honor of how far she has come, the person that she is, and the love that she shares – today I give back to her.

Today I am interviewing Priscilla, The Everyday Medium. I want to give you the chance to know this beautiful soul and give you a chance to hear about her journey with her own intuitive gifts!

“So Priscilla, tell everyone a little bit about yourself…”

Well…. Let’s see… I’m a mom of 2 – a boy and a girl ages 7 and 6. I’ve been with my partner for almost 11 years. I use partner because we are not legally married although, after 11 years, 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats we basically are. I refer to him as my husband most of the time…I have a full-time job in the finance industry and have been with the firm for almost 11 years too! I got a new car that same year but that’s now two cars ago! 11, 11, 11!I’m half Asian although you’d never know it because I look more like my Italian side of the family.I just started using essential oils and love them.I Love books but due to schedules I’m often in the car so I listen to Audible A LOT – but I still buy books. I love books. I have a reading list that’s probably longer than my 5’1″ height. Seriously, I have so many books either in print or digital version. I love the ease of digital books but feel like books should be tangible. There’s something to be said for books in print.Oh, and crystals – I love crystals. Might need to schedule an intervention….

“Thinking back, where were you at in life/career when you started your journey with intuitive development?”

I’ve kinda been on this path since I was a child. I used to see faces in everything. When I was about five or six, I had an out of body experience. In my home, we never really talked about stuff like this so I never knew what it was.Throughout childhood and high school, I had many experiences with spirit. In my high school yearbook, you can even find a cauldron next to my name put there by a friend on the committee. I also had a few experiences in my 20s and early 30s.I am willing to bet that the messages were always there but I didn’t really get it until I started encountering unmistakable signs and experiences.Things like my son, then 2 or 3 having bad dreams every night and even waking up with scratches. Right around that time, I’d gone to a Tarot reader who said my son was being bothered by a male spirit in the house and that I could talk to dead people.I was surprised by the accuracy of the first statement and totally dismissed the 2nd. Yet, look at me now! She was right.I can communicate with Spirit but I’m still figuring this out. I would say that I’ve actually been speaking to Spirit intentionally while being 100% cognizant that I’m doing it for just about a year.

“How has working with your gifts changed things for you in your everyday life?”

Working with my gifts is so rewarding. It’s been great knowing that I have a team who has my back even if I can’t see them. It’s opened me up more than I ever thought I could be.My thoughts and beliefs were kinda challenged initially but it’s hard to challenge or refute something when you just know it in your heart to be true.Learning the difference between truth and desired truth has been a great lesson. I’m often on the go so I don’t meditate as much as I should and believe me, my guides have said as much.For the most part though, working with my gifts has been humbling. I’m very grateful for the gifts and knowledge. I’m so grateful that I’m even on this journey. I’ve also met a lot of amazing people (like you!).

“Aww, thank you, love! I’m thankful to have met awesome people like yourself as well. So speaking of awesomeness and ease, let’s flip the topic. What has been your biggest challenge or hurdle in your development thus far?”

Ha! This is the easiest of all. Me, Myself & I!My challenges and hurdles are all caused by me – whether I don’t do the homework, meditate, or pay attention to the signs and messages presented.

“It was the same for me and I think most people will say the same! If you could give advice to anyone just starting out or toying with the idea of developing their own gifts, what would it be?”

Find a mentor/coach, like you. I work with you and have active memberships with Amanda Linette Meder’s program and her sister Sarah Petruno.My greatest growth came from working one on one – holding me somewhat accountable because we both know I didn’t always do the homework! It’s also been really wonderful to vibe about what’s been going on both spiritually and personally.I think that’s had an even bigger impact than I realized it would because we can talk about it and you get it. Our one on one calls have helped me sort through so much.I tried joining a few free FB groups but I found that I’d never go to them because each time I joined one and checked out the page, I’d close them pretty quickly. I did this because a lot of the time they felt hokey. Maybe they’re not hokey, but I don’t get the same energy from Facebook groups as I do from you, Amanda, and Sarah. I’m not saying you have to spend money to develop your intuitive gifts, but make sure you find someone that vibes with your energy and actually wants to help you succeed.Other words of advice would be to go slow. Really allow yourself to take everything in.It’s not a race and you’re not rushing to the finish line. Read, meditate, and be open. Ground Ground Ground. You might think it’s all about the Third Eye or Crown chakra but it’s not. Don’t do anything without grounding!!!Also, just know that people will be placed on your path and you will find your tribe. Remember to be grateful too.A BIG thing is to not lose who you are in this. This is an extension of you. Living a spiritual life is not all “Ommmm” and zen-like. You can be silly, funny, goofy and still be spiritual.Oh wait – one more thing – none of this is a competition. Don’t try to be like someone else. Your gifts are your gifts, so embrace those. Kinda like you have two mediums standing side by side – both connect to Spirit – but the way they connect might be different. One could be clairaudient (hearing) and the other clairvoyant (seeing). One could be there to validate that life exists after we pass and the other could be a conduit for channeled messages from Angels. Both are still mediums but very different.

Thank you, Priscilla, for doing this interview and especially for those very powerful and oh so true words at the end. I truly admire your strength, dedication, and zest for all life. I thank you for letting me be your guide and assist you along your journey!

For more on Priscilla and to check out her life as a medium in the day to day scheme of things please visit her blog,

Priscilla is a woman of many talents, the images in this article were taken by her and have been used with her permission.

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